Incorrect Account Value in Console Dashboard

Since last week, the Total Account Value in Dashboard is not shown correctly. At least this is happening for my account. Has anyone else also faced this unexpectedly Low Account Value?

Hi @Arun_Gupta

Last week, There were delays in the backend process due to delay in receiving files.

It should be fine this week. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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@Meher_Smaran Thanks for your Response. I am not sure if the problem is correctly understood. Refering to your response, May I ask when this delay happened in the backend process; and since when the Dashboard is showing incorrect Account Value?

Please put a notice on Console with this statement. It is very scary to see wrong values in Zerodha when actual money is involved

For me it is showing approx half my account value.

If this thread was atleast not unlisted I might have seen it, since I am very active on TQ&A.

Also Kite + Coin seem to be showing the right values, so console should also be having the right data right?

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Hi @Arun_Gupta @tallerballer

This was mainly due to the delay in receiving the file from exchanges and the depository on account of election results based higher activity. therefore delaying the backend process

We’re working fine this week. If you are facing any issues, please do DM me your ID, I’ll get it checked with the team.

@Arun_Gupta, As the issue pertained to last week, We’ve unlisted the post to avoid confusion.

With regards to unlisting, We generally unlist posts initially and relist back if the topic is related to an ongoing issue where community members share their necessary inputs. Just a moderator SOP.

I hope this clarifies. Please do let me know if the issue persists, I’ll check with the team.

Account value on Console dashboard is completely wrong

It is showing my cash balance in kite. I was not aware that what he asked was fixed. Then this is a different issue

Have created a ticket #20240610934623


For me, the Ticket #20240606918301 is tossing around since last week.

@Meher_Smaran - Please ask the Team to close the Ticket only whn the Values are correctly showing up. Thanks

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@Meher_Smaran - If I may correct you, the issue DOES NOT pertain to last week because the problem still exists. Also, there are other Accounts also for which incorrect Values are shown. Therefore, it should not be unlisted. Let it be visible to all the users so that you get an opportunity to hear from others facing the same issue. Why in such a hurry to unlist it?

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@Arun_Gupta fair enough. Relisting the topic.

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For me as well, Funds not reflecting as it should.
And console dashboard reflect incorrect data and I see last updated date as well showing 07 Jun.
Will wait till tomorrow as it does give a msg stating nightly maintenance.

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@Meher_Smaran - There seem to be a lot of accounts being impacted due to this issue, can you have it fixed on priority?

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@Meher_Smaran Its the same for me. Incorrect account values in console.
If there is a delay in files or anything, shouldn’t your code be capable of displaying the last fetched values? The swings in account values are more than 90 Percent. It is a bit disconcerting to look at.


Same for me.

Following places show the correct value-

  1. Equity account value graph on console
  2. Coin holdings overview
  3. Kite holdings overview

Its only the console equity account value figures which are dramatically wrong. It used to be perfectly correcct few months back.


Thank you for writing to Zerodha.

Due to a delay in receiving files, the cash balance may not be updated on the dashboard.

is the response given when everything other than cash balance was wrong. :slight_smile:

Account value seems correct now

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Happy to know that.

For me, it’s still showing Incorrect Numbers, even after the Zerodha Team confirmed that the numbers have been updated now. Probably, they need more/proper training for work. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Arun_Gupta

Kindly allow us to check once more. Will check with team and get back to you.

I just now checked. The Values are correctly updated. Thanks for your efforts.

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Unfortunately, the Account Value is again incorrect on the Dashboard. The Error gap is huge - It’s showing 40% less than the actual value. There should be a permanent & reliable fix for it.