Incorrect Account Value in Console Dashboard

@Meher_Smaran @TheGouda for the same issue, can u get this ticket checked? Your team is giving some random explanation and marking it as closed which is no way related to the proper fix of this issue. And my other family member accounts are still having this issue which is not fixed.


Hi @Vidhya

Checking this with the team.

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Hey Meher, the account value curves also seem to be completely off.

No noticeable dip in MF value on 4th June. Everything fell on that day. Checked manually too and my MFs recorded 4-6% fall but not visible on graph. In fact, it is somehow showing an increase in MF value on 4th.

Another issue - It seems there is something wrong in the mutual fund value calculator you are using for the graph. It somehow valued my MFs at 2x the value on another date.

#20240610934623 is the ticket no I created for the second issue. That seems to be fixed now but do check if there is some issue with how MF value is being calculated.

Another thing:
I am not able to deselect account value checkbox. I just want to see MF values since if account value is selected the MF graph does not convey anything (due to it being a much smaller holding than stocks, the total account value graph covers up any changes in the MF portfolio.)


Let me check with team once, @tallerballer

Will update you on this

Just an update/acknowledgement: The Valuation for my Account has been showing correctly since 18-June. I hope it continues to show correct numbers.

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Has this banner been added? Will be useful for understanding when console is not usable

It is 9AM now and console not loading yet

The Console Holdings has not been loading for the past few hours.

The Account Values are again wrong. There is a gap of about 25% of the actual Value. @Meher_Smaran

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Checking this, @Arun_Gupta

@Meher_Smaran for me also , console is not showing proper details , this is happening from last one month waited for the solution , something has happened to Kite Platform

It is an on and off issue. I created a ticket but by the time support responds it gets corrected. And then repeats a few days later. No we to reproduce the bug so didn’t create a ticket.

For me the issue was pledged holdings were shown as 2x, which inflated account value. Might help you solve the bug

@tallerballer - Exactly! The same is happening on my account. The Issue has been occurring once or twice every 10 days. And that’s the sad part - A proper fix is not being deployed.
Typically this is the cycle that is being REPEATEDLY followed:

  1. Incorrect Account Valuation noticed.
  2. Open a Ticket with Zerodha; OR Reopen an existing Ticket.
  3. They do some resetting/refresh of cache files etc
  4. Ticket is closed
  5. After 3-4 days, Repeat the steps.

This is frustrating.

Welcome to the Club, @TIMEFRAME :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: I am already on board with other Kite Users now with new issue , that is wrong bid/ask closing price :thinking: