Index Fund with ELSS benefits

Remembered that Zerodha had applied for AMC license.

@nithin adding this to my wishlist.
Currently, Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund has the lowest TER in the ELSS category, 0.41%. A Nifty50 index-based ELSS fund can cost about 0.10 - 0.15%.

On a different note, it would be a good starting point for Zerodha AMC. By the design of an ELSS fund, investors won’t stray for 3 years. Also, as suggested by someone in the comments, NPS and EPFO can also start investing in this low-cost index-ELSS fund.


Our AMC license is quite some time away.

Only PSU AMCs get EPFO mandates. NPS was index funds only but it was done away with because they had expense ratio caps. Unlikely AMCs will go back to investing in index in NPS at least.

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