Zerodha application for AMC license 😍

Just saw it my google feed… and was like woohhoo-ing.:sweat_smile: extremely excited…

@nithin sir thankyou… U r indeed tha best best CEO…
Opening zerodha account is the best thing I have done in my life till now…


What about smallcase?

Zerodha claims smallcase is better than Mutual fund. So why apply for MF license?


I thought the same bhai… but later concluded that the both concepts are different… smallcase is purchasing stocks and holding them into our demat…and be a part owner of the business.

whereas MF is just buying a unit (NAV), it doesnt have to do anything with demat and ownership…

and honestly, I personally dont like the smallcase :sweat_smile: I just dont like to pay 50k or 1L whereas in MF we can decide the amount respective to our pocket size…

I hope Zerodha Amc not restricted their employees to have demat account or trade in share


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