Instant margin for Pledging securities

Some brokers provide margin immediately during market hrs against pledge of securites. The entire process takes less than 2 min. The pledge can also be removed immediately and the shares can be sold the same day. Can Zerodha also provide this facility?

I’ll predict the reply from the Zerodha team - “We are working on it”. They’ve been working on it for the past 3 years.


We have been asking for this from past 3 years. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I placed a pledge request at 11:32 am , received the otp and clicked submit. At 11:34 am , I received a confirmation message from CDSL saying that pledge was accepted by pledgee and got an email also from CDSL with subject: transactions in your demat account with list of securities saying that pledge has been created. This means that at CDSL’s end, the technology exists for immediate pledging.

Can you please share the brokers name? ( for general knowledge purposes)

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Moreover, I can sell the pledged security without unpledging it as long as the margin received against it is not utilized in derivative positions or if I have adequate cash balance… Saving time on a few extra clicks can be very useful especially if I want to sell a security in a hurry if its price is falling rapidly. However, in zerodha, the pledged holdings are not even visible in the holdings tab.

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The broker that I am referring to is Espresso by sharekhan. ( for general knowledge purposes :slightly_smiling_face:) I still use Zerodha as my main broker though for various reasons.

Hone ko toh bilkul ho sakta hai but ek number ke aalsi hai ye log. It seems like they must sit around the office and praise themselves. Success seems to have gone to their head.

@ShubhS9 Pls pass on this feature request to the appropriate team.

Instant pledging is on our list of things to do. We’re currently working on instant unpledging. This will be available soo, will keep you posted.

I also want to know how the haircut % for is determined for each security and who determines it?

Prediction: This won’t be available minimum till march. I’m willing to sell a call option on this.


@ShubhS9 dint say soon, he said “soo”. Soo means something other than soon. Soo

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Does this also applies to Mutual Funds as well ? Currently it takes ages to pledge / unpledge shares… hope this will be also expedited along with stock pledging…

@Ddude That’s strange, I pledge/unpledge shares, as well as MFs with finvasia, and they both are available the next day.

Any update on this?

Will come after 2 years. Please don’t keep nagging the great Zerodha team. Let them take their sweet rest. You also take rest. And look for better alternatives.

The current system seems so out dated.

Kindly make the process easy for the traders. Many brokers now providing instant pledge via CDSL.