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For Options Intraday Trading,what is best to follow SGX Nifty,Dow Jones futures or Nifty Futures.

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If you are asking about market hours, there is no need to track SGX.

Nifty futures should be enough. Dow Jones futures, u can keep an eye on it , like once at 10 AM , 12-1 pm (dow n European mrkts) and during closing hours.

Just checking it 3 times should be good enough.

SGX - maybe u can check once at night, once in the morning.

Tracking every tick is absolutely not recommended.


It will only tell where the market will be gapup or gap dow, nothing apart of it . If you want to track something it would be Dollar Index (DXY in tradingview). Significant increase in dollar index will affect market(it can be any crypto,fx,stock ,etc).
And Nifty future is almost same reflection of nifty index , also that will confuse whether to trade in. Only track Nifty and Bank Nifty. Also that don’t have watchlist of stock contributing index as computation is free float market capitalization. And we see in average of market capitalization in NSE website pdf , that this stock is high in weightage. If trading in banknifty , It would easily to track on the basis of their constituent but not for nifty index as you will be not able to focus on multiple screen.


vix, futures chart, OI data

I am asking for Intraday Trading in Index Options,what is best for it,

I am asking for Intraday Trading in Index Options,what is best for it,…

Nifty futures alone is enough

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Total of 4 ticker to keep in list if using Live stock, index, futures, Forex and Bitcoin charts on TradingView that are
track them at 8:30am


Index is enough to rely on , but with constituent it only provide whether there will be movement or not. But Nifty Index almost reflection of whole indian market with some expectional stocks which donot follow Nifty. Last time I check on was round of 400 stocks which donot follow nifty .

Tracking SGX , DJI is only suitable to gapup or gap down, and tracking nifty future for option trading is bad as nifty index far better to track than nifty future.

Nifty future

nifty index

both are different one is for option trading and other for future trading , with different price action.

Is upto you , I share my opinion .

I know about SGX but how accurate is SGX? I mean if SGX is up by a few points, it does not necessarily mean that there will be a gap up, it perhaps means that the day will start on a positive note and that we see a lot of green.

Also, even if SGX is by many points, and if indeed there is a gap up, the last hour of the session may turn the tables and the day may end in red.

So what can be followed through out a day’s session for our market, and in which order? Start with SGX and then?

I ask this because, if SGX is down by many points, I would not take a trade as I know the market opens on a negative note, but if the market opens on a positive note because SGX is up by many points, but the afternoon session or the last hours spoils the day, and if there is anything else that I could check, it will help.

Thank you.

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Difference between current price of sgx and last traded price of nifty index tells about gap. Trading via sgx nifty chart will spoil the trade , also that sgx data is delayed by sgx exchange as per the sgx policy , but delay can be removed by buying exchange agreement of $8 per on tradingview and other can be different as per there commission.
Nothing to do with dow jones , nifty future for option trading.

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Any others indices from any other countries that can be checked during Indian market hours so that I can stop taking trades once there is a fall in those indices.

I remember seeing and reading about prices of stocks reversing in the last hour or so. I am long and suddenly somewhere something falls, and my trade goes to loss.

I am not asking about governments’ announcements, Fed or RBI meeting outcomes, which don’t happen every single day. I am taking about an index or indices which traders believe will have impact on our market, so the trend has suddenly changed.

Thank you.

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There isn’t anyother foreign index than I have mentioned but they are before market trading hours. The only thing that will happen itself and other index of the country , basic nifty and bank nifty . No need to check sensex , almost all stock of sensex are in nifty .

They impact market volatility. Also news but not every.

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Yes, one can check US or Europe or Asian markets before our market opens.

So Nifty and Bank Nifty are enough, no need to check any other index from any country in our market time?

Not every index , only sgx nifty , USOil and dollar index (dxy)

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Are you new to market or F&O?.

Have you heard of the principle called KISS, please go through,

No, I am not new to the market, but I am new to derivatives. And I don’t think I am suitable for derivatives because of the capital, knowledge, skill, time, effort and losses involved.

I am into delivery trading, not even intraday, although I have some experience with intraday in the past.

KISS :kissing_closed_eyes: + :blush: = :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But only in real life. The pathetic condition of yes bank investor longed due to decrease in PE ratio and market fetal killed due to greed. Fundamental analysis do no work in trading :bulb:. Market moves by forming swings. If they would know it this , they wasnt be broke.

seeing many people queries here it reminds me of myself once in their situation in the past. The " Holy Grail", somehow everyone is looking for something where they can predict market and have an extra edge than others.

It happens, I mean the stocks follows Nifty sometimes, The nifty follows Asian, European markets sometimes,

when did Nifty followed Asian and European markets?

The day Shutdown started before March 2020 in Europe.
The Day Russia attacked Ukraine.
The day China had cross boarder issue with India.
and many other single day/single week events are there which I cannot list everything here.

Why does Nifty follows others during this time, what is the common factor there? “Global Uncertainity”.

All these days they are red, we are red too, they are 2% down we will be 3% down.

But rest of the days or most of the days This doesn’t happen.

The above example can be taken for stocks following Nifty as well.

There are days where I have traded NIFTY seeing at FTSE, DAX, NIKKEI HANG SENG etc during live trading. Those days I have been both profitable and loss as well.
Similarly I have traded certain stocks using just seeing Nifty as well,

one such example is today. where all of a sudden market fell because of fear.

These days are not going to happen everyday and you need to be prepared for this rare day.

All I wanted to tell you is to keep it simple instead of doing complex things and confusing yourself while trading.

I don’t understand or any relevance here. what is the principle KISS do with Yes bank ? Please explain

Example for not knowing kiss principle. I read article of Nathin Kamath blog that Yes Bank PE was decreased significantly to 10 , which made trader to invest in market making significant loss in trading. It was noted that yes bank LTP was 400 went to 10. Making heavy loss to the traders. And they were also averaging the price. Having Disposition effect on them. And KISS principle is on we can’t trade market on the basis of annual reports. Is that Correct Mr. @Yogarajan_V