Introducing Dark Theme and Simplified Order Window on Kite Web

Dark theme

A dark theme for Kite web has been a much-requested feature for the past several years, and it’s finally here! You can now switch to dark mode on from the “My profile” section as shown in the GIF below.

Simplified order window

While Kite was built with simplicity in mind, we realised that a lot of terms on the order window like “CNC”, “MIS”, “NRML”, etc. weren’t really the most straightforward terms for someone new to the markets to understand. And so, we have now further simplified the order window as shown in the image below.


While the new order window is much simpler, we have taken utmost care to ensure that if you have been using Kite for a while and gotten used to the old order window, your experience remains the same, if not better.

We hope these enhancements make your Kite experience better. :slightly_smiling_face:


i just changed to dark theme…loving this theme…had gotten bored of white theme


It’s a great update update but why don’t you guys include pure black similar to the Kite App. Sometimes It’s annoying to look at faded black. It would be good if you guys could give us an option to make everything pure black instead of faded black.


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Thanks for the bringing the dark theme and simplified order window why difference approach in Default view and Dark View

In default view i get the scroll type in qty but not on dark theme

applicable for full order window

screen shot below



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Maybe because research have shown that pure black background is not good for eyes. (That is why blackboards were removed from classrooms, making way for greenboards).


But still we must appreciate the hard work too by team Z.

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Right. It must b there too.

Still you can use up/down arrows on black theme to change quantity and price.

using arrow keys on keyboard works great visual stuff would be much more better and thanks for the dark theme it is awesome kudos to the team

I would have used a bolder fonts in kite.
It’s okey in light theme but there is aliasing issue in new dark theme it seems.

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I really appreciate the new theme :smiley:
So far tried Dark reader and other extensions but there were always minors issues. Native black theme so far has not had such problems.

Please @siva Please change the font to TAHOMA OR LET USER CHANGE THE FONT.

I have opened kite as an app in crome. I reduce the size of the window to just look at market depth. now when I click on buy or sell trade panel opens proper but when I click any option in this trade panel it just hides to left almost 70%.
before this simple order window update,

Screenshot_2 it was not doing this.

These things are subjective,each user can have different opinion.

Earlier the behavior is different?

It never moved to left in previous version

It also depends on zoom set, and how much one minimizes the browser.

I am using exact window size and zoom level which I used with the previous version.
you can chk my screenshot also attached to previous post. order window opens pepper but when I click inside that window then it act wired.

Order window looking great and the dark theme. Good job.

At least put this to WHITE sharp color … %CHANGE on pinned stocks, index .

Not easily visible …