Introduction to bonds (fixed income)

We just conducted this webinar today with Winston Noronha, head of learning on development at IDFC Mutual fund. If you are an absolute beginner with no idea of debt or how a bond works, then you’ll enjoy this.


Can you suggest a source to dig in deeper in the workings of bonds and analysing their affects because the information contained in video seems to be too basic.

Yes, the video was meant for beginners. We are trying build some content around bonds - both the basics and complicated stuff. We did a part of this series today and you can watch it here:

In this webinar, we’ve cover yields, yield to maturity, interest rate relationship, credit spreads and a bit about the yield curve.

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@Bhuvan The goldenpi intermediaries you shared earlier in one of your posts, is an innovative service for the Indian Investors looking for fixed income instruments. Is it possible you can invite them to the tradingqna forum for a AMA session? That would be fantastic

We have some webinars and AMA’s in the works with some really good debt fund managers on topics both beginner and intermediate - Stay tuned. Any suggestion on the topics you’d like us to cover?

Whats these Fund manages speak, we laymen do not understand, the goldenpi team looks like one of us (the working class) so IMO thats more helpful.

We can make it laymen friendly, not an issue :slight_smile: We’ll also have an AMA so that you have a chance to ask questions in detail.

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