Invested value showing as 0 for all the funds in MFCentral

I have invested in several mutual funds from the Zerodha Coin app. When trying to check the details on MFCentral portal, I see the correct Markel Value but the Invested Value is shown as 0 for all of them.

Any idea how this can be corrected?

Yes, same for me…

For whatever reason, I don’t get the monthly Consolidated Account Statement in my email. When I downloaded it manually from the CAMS website, for three AMCs (Nippon, Mirae Asset & Motilal Oswal), nothing was being shown.

Thankfully, when I downloaded it from the MF Central site, all records were being shown, but yeah, the invested value is shown as 0 here.

Hi @Neelesh , can you please help with this query?

We will have to check this CAMS n why are the details showing like this, please DM your client ID.

Yeah same for me also, Do I need to worry ?

Hey, Neelesh can you please look into my issue as well? I’m facing the same issue

Same for me Neelesh. But market value for me is also 0, despite having demat MF holdings.

+1 Just checked having same problem when checking from MF CNETRAL why is this happening @Neelesh

+1 facing the same issue. The account statement shows the NAVs but the invested value is shown as 0. Do we need to worry about something here??

I don’t think they have any way of knowing buy price. CDSL doesn’t store (I am assuming here) that so they don’t fetch it.

some needs to reply here @nithin @Neelesh @Meher_Smaran what’s the reason behind it and should we worry about it.

MFCentral fetches from CDSL, not zerodha.

It’s visible for me now. Not visible for you?

Zerodha also keeps shares and MF bought in demat form with CDSL don’t they?

Nope still shows Zero :slight_smile:

Checking this, @Chetan_Nahata - Will get back to you with an update. Don’t worry till then please :slight_smile:

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On MF Central these can show Zero for cams services amc, cams is checking this for the units in demat mode. Meanwhile you can refer to cdsl easi, log in there and confirm the units, everything at Zerodha is in demat mode for mutual funds and is CDSL EASI a concrete proof of your investments.

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Yep this shows correct valuations

For me, value showing as zero in mf central. Kindly someone guide me.

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Same happening for me also
Is there any solution for the same?

However, when I’m trying to fetch Coin portfolio in some different app like INDmoney, then all the funds are fetched correctly through MFcentral