Investing in YESBANK as part of Yes Bank reconstruction scheme

I want to invest in YESBANK at Rs.10/stock as part of the Yes Bank reconstruction scheme.
I am ok to hold the stock for 3 years, but don’t know the procedure to invest. Will they create any fresh offer at Rs.10?

Can check this. If one buys now in market there is no need to lock for 3 years. One can buy at market price only.

Why do you want to waste your money? Yes Bank is on the verge of collapse. RBI is just trying to avert the economic crisis that yes bank is going to initiate. You will lose your money just like people have lost in jet airways.

Sure. Thank you for the insight. I asked just for understanding the procedure.

I have already lost around 70k on yesbank. I won’t touch it again

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Major Banks like HDFC, AXIS and SBI had invested in Yes bank recovery . I my self dont think the bank will collapse soon. they will try to recover it. May be I believe it might be merged with anyone of the banks holding larger shares.I will expand my stakes in YES bank . ( My personal views)