IPO Alloment - No record Found?

Hi All,

I bid for APEX Frozen food IPO , I tried to check using my Application ID and PAN number on below websites.



But it says NO RECORD FOUND - Does this means I have not been alloted any shares of APEX?

Last date of allotment was 31st Aug.

If thats true by when I can I expect a refund of the amount that was blocked by bank?


Looks like you have not received an allotment. The stock will be listed on the exchanges on September 4th, the amount will be unblocked before that.

Yep,I just checked account credited with the amount …

Guys, Refund is fine.

But how to confirm that IPO bid was atleast submitted.
I dont see my IPO application in BSE website for Happiest Minds but amount is blocked.
Looks something is phishy.

Whenever you submit Bid for IPO, you receive following confirmation email on your registered email ID.

Hi Shubh,

Yes I have received similar application confirmation Email.
I can see my UPI mandate status also shows success

Problem is now not able to see allotment status now using same application number or PAN or CDSL number. Shows appllication not found

amount is blocked from 7 days.

Looks like you have not received the allotment, that is why it must be showing the above error.

Initiation of refund happened yesterday on 15th September, you should receive the refund soon.

Yes Shubh,

you are right , seems i am not allotted.

But I should see my application details in allotment page right -saying u have applied for 90 shares and 0 shares allotted.

Or else I feel Karvy has not even accepted my application but using my application fees illegally by blocking it