IRCTC stock allocated, UPI transaction failed

Hi I have been allocated IRCTC IPO shares,but today evening I received a message from bank saying the UPI transaction has failed. The required amount had already been locked by the mandate. Will my share allotment get cancelled? How can I perform the payment again?

The registrar shares an allotment file with the banks based on which funds are debited from the account. You can write to the registrar at [email protected] to check why the transaction failed. You can find the other contact details for Alankit here.

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Same situation with me. I have been alloted shares but my SBI BHIM app kees saying payment failed

Did you check with your bank? I also have same situation. I messaged to my bank but they haven’t replied yet.


Did you check if the blocked amount has been debited from your account?

Even if it isn’t, the shares would have already been credited to your demat account. (You would have received an SMS from the depository (CDSL/NSDL) confirming the credit.) It’s upto the bank to ensure that funds are debited from you and given to the issuer’s bank.

Will the option lapse as on 14/10.??

Same scenario with me but nobody responds.
Same lame replies.
Shares are showing in demat account.
Is there any option left??

Even I have sent a mail to the bank, since they donot have customer care voice service for bhim SBI pay, no response as of now. I had called alankit, they told not to worry, share allocation won’t get cancelled, maybe they will sort it out with bank.

The amount is still on block,but the UPI mandate has expired . The shares are reflecting in my zerodha kite app.

Exactly the case with me.

You should request the bank to debit the amount, otherwise you will keep earning interest on the blocked amount :slight_smile:

I am having same issue. Shares are in my zerodha holdings, got the cdsl message, received email from alankit too regarding the share allotment but amount not deducted.
Called Zerodha they are saying its in your demat account now so there is no issue.
Hope it will get deducted by tomorrow evening.

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Same thing happening with me… Today alotted prince pipe ipo shares but amount is not debiting from bank account…bhim upi keeps notifying that transaction decline .
Please reply what is the reason behind this and what to do next

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Same her bro if u find any remedy plz tell me tooo. Thank u

So was the amount deducted from my account finally?

Can Someone update here what has happened. I am facing simillar issue with SBI Cards Ipo.
Whom I need to contact to resolve this issue?

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The share are alloted or not and what to do there again payment i also same issue Route mobile IPO plz reply

If you have received the allotment allotment the shares will be credited to your Demat account today, you will receive a SMS and Email from the depository (CDSL or NSDL) when the credit happens.

If you have not been allotted the processes of initiation of refunds started on 17th September, you should receive the funds soon, if you think it is taking time you should get in touch with your bank.

@ShubhS9 I have different issue. Route mobile ipo Shares allotted and credited to demat account. But the upi auto pay failed in phonepe. This looks happening for many people. Now will they again try debiting amount?

You can contact the registrar at [email protected] and check with them on why this happened.