Is PR SUNDAR a legit guy?

Has anyone had experience to meet or try training course from mr pr sundar? Is he a legit based on what he claims on his youtube videos?

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If u want not to blow ur account for heaven sake stay away from mr beautiful

If u write options u r gone in markets

On nirmala corp tax announcement day our mr beautiful lost so much that he sold his jaguar also


Hey, @newguy I completely disagree with @ksksat. I think @ksksat should have also mentioned his winning probability and how much he makes when he wins. The Nirmala Sita Raman candle hurted many huge funds, not just him. He never sells any dreams, he respects the huge risk that comes along with the selling, There another guy by the name of Mitesh Patel, who is also great in the markets.

I hope this helps.


@Pro_Investor @newguy @ksksat

Never seen other plates in the market , its will never work for you , profit and loss are driven through psychology and emotion , try to control this and learn every day about strategy and new thing , maybe its will work for you

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Looks like a bot

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PR sundar is options sellers. As far as I heard he teaches the options selling techniques in his training. To do options selling you don’t need attend any costly workshop and waste money. You can get lots of info about it in varsity, YouTube and other blogs. You can start with small capital and learn by yourself within few months and then step by step increase capital.


PR Sundar ,Mitish Patel are alluring traders by showing huge MTM .
Sundar is always marketing his webinars, YouTube ,blogs etc

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I completely agree with @Karthikeyan_Palanisa on not attending such costly seminars, there are a lot of free resources available on the YT and quora. Elearnmarkets have a lot of such resources.


If someone can make money consistently in stock market they dont think of alternate way of earning money like YouTube channel, Paid tips,workshops, Webinar etc.


I think money is not the only thing that matters.
Recently I met a person who is a teacher teach to 1 to 5 classes in agency area(forest area),which is naxalite proned,he is working for salary of 60k per month.he is also an option seller he is maintaining around 12 crores as per his claim he has a cagr of more than 40%,more than 3lakhs a month


working is different and giving tips is different. People are passionate about many things and there is no harm in doing that, But here the case is different my view again, I heard recently he started some telegram channel for paid tips.

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@Srinivas_Ramakrishna u are 100% right…mr beautiful is fake…he even tried for a bank job a year back which he himself confessed in twitter…manu bhatia sudhaip mitesh athisundar his shishya jagana justsiva scapler all are smashed in costly losses already…now they earn a livelihood by training money

AFAIK mitesh doesn’t provide any training.

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Mitesh does provide training, but he clearly says that ‘you are not going to be profitable directly from it and its better to learn from my trades that I post on twitter’. And he is at his all-time highs in terms of $$, Idk who told @ksksat that he is in the loss. hahaha

I think is he is good guy, he selling his knowledge and experience it is priceless . We can use it our style …


Very unfortunate

Please tell me more about it

Manu and Mitesh are not in lose… You should grow yourself in terms of knowledge before saying something blindly… I am guessing that you are incurring some losses that is making you that much frustrated. Take a break and come back with good knowledge to make profit :+1:


Sundar is legit . He manages money and makes money as well.
But he is not transparent and in the past he lost lots of his clients money as well.
Many of his trades are novice trades , like last year he blindly did positional short straddle in BN and BN starts going down , he kept on blmaing nirmala sitharaman for the whole month.
I really dont think you will learn meaningful thing from him.

I find Mitesh and manu bhatia are honest and good traders. Both dont conduct any classes.
Ronak is honest and his intraday sell strategy can be replicated by average traders , he priced his webinars reasonable.
Another guy is scalper siva , he makes consistent 1/1.5L per day in buying , but he makes 25x more money in training :grinning:


Can you please ping his Twitter username… Scalper Silva’s username

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justsiva123 …

i am not endorsing him … IMHO most of the option buyers esp in the initial stage lose
and if your intention is to make some quick buck through scalping , you might be in for a rude shock