Is Streak tech planning to release its API ?


I would like to know if Streak will release API to automate trading.
I would like to code trading automation. I need the streak strategy to continue.
BTW, I already saw the Zerodha trading API which provides the option to automate trading without the strategy.

Is Streak tech planning to release its API for its customers, so that they can automate trading?


@Streak Can you.

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Hi @krhariragavan,

Its currently work in progress, we will also forward your requirements to the team for consideration.


@Streak… I would also like to know about this automation api

My email id [email protected]

Hi @sagar1987, Full automation is currently not available. You can also check this thread

Also, API is under development and it would be relesed in future.

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So then what will be the difference between streak API & kite connect API?

Hi @vivek,
Can’t discuss a service that has not yet fully developed or released.

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My guess is that the streak API will be an even more low-code/no-code solution relative to kite connect APIs. And that would be really great :slight_smile: