Is the Zerodha Mutual Funds platforms similar to Fundsindia, Scripbox, ICICI Bank, etc?

Wanted to know if Zerodha MF is similar to these MF platforms.

In Zerodha all the MF units are held in your Demat just like your stocks. The advantage is that this enables you to get a single portfolio of all your holdings in one place and makes it easier to pledge the units.

I am investing with Scripbox right now through SIP of arond 20k per month. I have invested around 10 lakhs over the time and have seen 50k gain. From cost perspective, how Coin would be different than Scripbox?

Coin always let you buy direct mutual funds.
Scripbox on the other hand scripbox offers only
Regular plan.
Regular plans do cost you a little more ( 1 %. Approx )
If you know what you are buying, better buy on a platform like coin which offers you only direct plans.

See the difference