Savings on direct mutual funds on Coin really so much?


I am looking at the direct savings calculator on Coin. Saving of Rs 28.34 lks just on a Rs 5000 SIP, is this really true?

Is the Zerodha Mutual Funds platforms similar to Fundsindia, Scripbox, ICICI Bank, etc?

Firstly disclaimer. This calculation is assuming your expected returns of 15% CAGR. If it is lesser, the savings will also be lesser.

But if markets return 15%, yes 28lks is what you would save on just a Rs 5000 SIP by investing into direct mutual funds.
Regular mutual fund has expense ratio of almost 1.5% higher for regular fund in this case. This means everyday 1.5%/250 extra is debited as expenses to a regular fund as compared to a direct fund (250 trading days in a year). If 1.5%/250 is removed extra everyday, the eventual impact is going to be extremely high as shown in the calculator.

How much do I pay in form of expense ratio

Yes it’s true.
There are many sites which are offering free lifetime account Opening for MF investments.
They are not doing charity.
Except CAMS, KARVY & MF utility all brokerage firm charges.


An Android app for coin is a very must to track the investment. Kindly make a column showing cagr for each mf scheme invested in coin, which will make easier to compare the performance of the schemes.

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If there is a different between direct and indirect fund is approximate 1% then how AMC gives 1%as upfront and 1.5% trial commission total 2.5%


How is the coins mutual funds work? I have set the date for 5th of every month. However there is no transaction? Or do we need to do manual transfer


Hi @S_Sanga
you can create your SIP where you have to maintain trading balance and when you create the SIP theres a option where you can set it for every 30days or you can choose the 5th,10th,15th,20th,25th. whichever you select on that particular date from your trading balance it will be invested in mutual funds.


I have created in the month of November 2017,my next SIP date is 5th Dec. But I do not see any transfer today? Or it will get deducted by next day?


Please refer this post to get your query cleared tradingqna.