Is there a way to see old orders in zerodha? I wanted to look at some orders which didn't get executed due to varios reasons

Not presently, but we will soon give you a historical order book as well (only a handful of brokers offer it in India)

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Any update on this?

@nithin We are still waiting to see this functionality from your side.
I have not been with any other brokers. But I think this is really important from a trader’s perspective.
Adding this functionality to the cool things offered by Zerodha will be surely applauded by Zerodha community. :slight_smile:

Waiting to this see this feature onboarded soon.

Is there any update to this? This will be really helpful feature that too in cases where you place multiple buy sale orders on the same contract.

is there any update to this? this will be very useful feature especially when you place multiple buy and sale order on the same contract/script in the same day.

any update on this future.
Yesterday due to some urgent work, i’ve failed to create AMO against my (regular) orders of the day; usually i use to do after 5 pm on the same day.

What you want exactly?

The feature where we can see all past orders executed by us, including failed/canceled orders.

any update?