Is there a way to see old orders in zerodha? I wanted to look at some orders which didn't get executed due to varios reasons

Not presently, but we will soon give you a historical order book as well (only a handful of brokers offer it in India)

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Any update on this?

@nithin We are still waiting to see this functionality from your side.
I have not been with any other brokers. But I think this is really important from a trader’s perspective.
Adding this functionality to the cool things offered by Zerodha will be surely applauded by Zerodha community. :slight_smile:

Waiting to this see this feature onboarded soon.

Is there any update to this? This will be really helpful feature that too in cases where you place multiple buy sale orders on the same contract.

is there any update to this? this will be very useful feature especially when you place multiple buy and sale order on the same contract/script in the same day.

any update on this future.
Yesterday due to some urgent work, i’ve failed to create AMO against my (regular) orders of the day; usually i use to do after 5 pm on the same day.

What you want exactly?

The feature where we can see all past orders executed by us, including failed/canceled orders.

any update?

@nithin @siva its been more than years to get this feature. can you please provide the historical orders placed on a given day.


  1. in tradebook, a 1000 shares will show as it order filled. not as a single order. (a single order, will span into multiple if it is an illiquid stock/option)
  2. in a given day, how many trades got rejected and for what reason is not traceable at all ?
  3. if for some reason, the SL loss got deleted by excahange (like what hpnd on 12/21), there is no way to escalate to SEBI with a proof.
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Not in our list of things to do, if you really want you can download everyday from order book and keep track of it.

thanks for the reply. what if i missed to download for that day… thatz the ask. i dont know why this is not doable, atleast keep the orders for a week or two and purge the old records.

We should do which adds real value not just for the sake of doing. If you miss someday you can create ticket, our team can provide you for that day.

please dont decide what is required/not required for the end user. let me see if support team is able to provide it. Dont shy away from an requirement which is actually proof point for the end user who deals with hear earned money.

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We have few million clients, can’t incorporate every individual request right, our team will decide based on user feedback only. Never seen any request on this from any client so we will not take this as we really see no additional value in doing this. As said if one really want they can download on daily basis. Also people will be confused if they see old orders in orderbook, few may put more than 100 orders in a day, if we append old orders to that it will be nightmare if someone want to search based on scrip or go to particular order etc.
I can say we will consider this as feedback to make you happy but I am giving you the reason for not taking this request so at least you won’t have to keep waiting.

Copying nithin too @nithin
Beg your pardon Mr.Siva, please. this requirement was actually raised by few other folks (since 2014) and not just raised by me. you are making too many conclusions in your reply.

  1. raised by other clients since Aug 2014.
  2. Request is to see how to view old orders (refer synopsis and read it again). in console, just like tradebook, you should also show orderbook. i dont know why it would be confusing to users.
  3. next time, treat your customers with respect and remember every customer is god.
  4. Now i strongly believe, you have hidden agenda to suppress the issues that zerodha faces while placing the order which never gets executed.
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I am confused , I never used bad word anywhere, I acknowledged your query without ignoring it even on holiday and I clearly gave you reason and also alternatives how one can do this, even on any day if one misses they can create ticket and get the orderbook. Anyhow I rest my case here.

Let me check again with team and confirm.

Dear Mr.Siva,
using bad words is not only way to insult a customer. ignorance is also a disrespect. A simple answer like "this is still under review and will get back " would make things lighter. Refer the chain, Mr.nithin said this would be addressed sooner in 2014. On that premise, i was requesting this and i see the need of it srtongly as others requested earlier here.

FYI, i have been using icicidirect since 2000 and i could fetch the orderbook as old as 2010 from them. And recently i had the need of checking the orderbook in zerodha and i felt it is missing. Check with your product line marketing team and see if this is a requirement to safeguard yourself as well as millions of customers.

Appreciate your time.

Thank you.

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Totally agree with you. I have been with ICICIdirect for so many years. Recently opened an account with Zerodha and realized the reasons why it’s a discount broker. Tracking your failed orders is equally important as the executed ones. It gives you insight into your trading decisions. And if Zerodha does not even acknowledge this simple fact, I wonder if they know what they are doing.

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