Is there any way to transfer shares online from NSDL to CDSL?

I have an A/c with AxisDirect
I want to transfer some shares from Axis to Zerodha.
Is this possible the online way?

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Hi @Sanket looks like it’s possible only when both brokers have CDSL as depository.
Does it support NSDL to CDSL?
My broker has NSDL depository.

Check out NSDL SPEED-e. Usually, the broker has to authenticate your registration with such an online facility where you can transfer shares yourself. Because not you will be granted the POA over your Demat and the broker will no longer have the POA. So you will also no longer be able to sell your holdings from your trading account because the broker will no longer be able to debit them. Do check with your broker.


I did a transfer from ICICI to Zerodha last year . As far as i know they did not have online facility then
I had to do a transfer form and trigger a transfer .Procedure was not very difficult
Any problem opting this route . NSDL and CDSL may pose other challenges
Two suggestions

  1. Check with Zerodha support center if they have alternate route
  2. Else go with conventional approach .One time effort
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Hi, does it mean that if we opt for Speed-E services through NSDL (i.e. for online transfer of shares) the trading account will otherwise be deactivated? (Since debit of shares is not allowed by the broker)

Please advise as necessary and clarify.