Issue with posting?

Are new posts not posted automatically ? Or are only moderated posts visible in this forum ?

I posted something more than an hour back, it was more of a rant/complaint, I have not seen it posted yet.
I got a message that my post will be moderated before posting.

I dont think it is a good practice to moderate the posts and clear the good ones and hold back the ‘bad’ ones !!

This forum has certain guidelines and all posts will be moderated accordingly.

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Depends on the trust level of the users. Posts of users with higher trust levels will be automatically published and users/new users with lower trust levels will enter the mod queue. We also force moderate posts of users if they violate guidelines continuously.

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Hi @Bhuvan, thanks for the clarification. Is there a way I can see my posts that are held in moderation?

This is same happening with me after posting reply to the thread, it show your reply is on moderation.

You will receive a notification when you post, it won’t be published.