Community Guidelines

Welcome to TradingQnA - question and answer site for all things related to trading and stock markets, we are glad that you are here. Please read and follow these community guidelines to get the most out of this forum. Follow us on Twitter for more.


Thanks to you guys the traffic of TradingQnA has gone up substantially over the last few months and it has become one of the most active forums for all things stock markets in India today.

But with the growing activity, it also becomes hard for us to moderate the forum and we cannot be janitors and need your help with this. We are working hard to ensure we publish insightful information and attract knowledgeable people to the forum. and you have to reciprocate by helping us keep the forum clean.

Here are some guidelines that will make the TradingQnA experience better.

No account specific or support queries. Even though this forum is by managed by Zerodha, doesn’t mean you post support queries and complaints. If this question is not related to the markets then please create a ticket on If you still post such queries then they will be moderated and we’ll block your ID.

Just to reiterate, no questions about account specific issues, bug reports or platform related issues. These queries will be moderated.

Don’t post repetitive questions. As of this post, there are over 25000+ posts and TradingQnA and chances are that your query has already been answered. Before you create a question, make sure to search if it has already been answered, if you have a followup you can post it on the same question.

Please tag questions under the relevant category before posting it. When you don’t tag a question, it is not properly indexed and becomes harder for the next person to search for it. Tagging questions is an effort for the moderators and you will have to be considerate toward them.

No promotions. We have noticed numerous instances where people have been found promoting their blogs and private groups both on questions and on private messages and this will not be tolerated. Just imagine how would you feel if we were to start spamming TradingQnA links on your blog or group.

No personal attacks or name-calling. Keep things civil and if you don’t link something please flag it and the moderators will take action.


We Will Follow This Community Rules and Make this forum more better for Investors/Traders.