Key Dates Indian Market?

Any site that provides information on the upcomign key dates associated with Stock Market, such as:

RBI Meeting Date
Union Budget Date (yeah, found its 01st Feb)

Idea is not to miss any key events that can impact the Indian Market, so looking resources to do sort of check on weekly basis.

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Hi @Shreyan_Jain

We cover the major upcoming events lined up in our thread here:

For overall latest news:

Other than these, is also a great source to find key dates regarding not only Indian markets but other markets too.

I’m sure there are other handy resources and websites. @ others - pls do share them for benefit of all of us.


Another resource for this information is the Trading Economics website -


Thanks Prayag

Thanks Meher, wonderful weekly insight content.
Is there a way I can bookmark or keep it on my login page the latest weekly trading diary?

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Yes. You can either bookmark it or enable the tracking option to get the latest updates.

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