Kite 3.0 - beta!


any way to remove the zerodha watermark here
its not visible in day/night theme but in other colours.


Ya, will appear in customized themes only.


Can you please do something …i mean don’t have to remove it just put it at the bottom


Found a new bug. @siva could you check this out.
(Keep switching time frame between 1 min and 15 min, you will see)


@siva have you checked the bug? It’s still there in kite. It showing wrong High and Low price for 1st candlestick in every script. (For instance take BATAINDIA and check 1st candlestick pattern in every timeframe and tell me which one is correct).
I don’t know for how long its been sitting there unreported. Its an serious issue for breakout traders like myself. How could I trust your platform if you don’t bother to check those issues even after being reported.

(Didn’t want to bother you @nithin, but now am bringing this issue to your notice. Could you @nithin check this please.)


Can check this.


Unable to purchase even 27400 CE BN Jan 3 expiry


I know I have read that, but I don’t think that has anything to do with this one. I think there is a bug in the algorithm for the 1st candlestick formation.
Now tell me which one is correct,

Did you see the difference of 1st candles.


Now again tell me which one is correct. This is for 3 day old data…

Again see the difference…


Give me sometime please, let me check on this.


(Just trying to make your work easy). I just found a easiest way to spot the bug. Open KOTAKBANK script in 15 min timeframe. Refresh it repeatedly and you will notice all the candles will change again and again.


+1 on this


The issue seems to have been fixed but now there is a new minor issue. In 1 min time-frame 2-3 candles are always missing next to the latest candle.


Can check now.


Yes i have checked. It’s working perfect now. Thank you for fixing it.


Option charts so called


So called banknifty weekly option graphs not loading, what to do?


Check now.


@siva @Bhuvanesh What happen for Kite Login guys? Seems Pi Desktop only still working…