Kite 3.0 - beta!

He said he will check, we can’t act on each and every suggestion right, based on popular feedback and within our limitation we act.

You can let us know and be specific please, if we think they are bothering majority of clients and changing is in our hands we will definitely act on them but may take sometime,after all pointing out any bugs or giving constructive feedback is always welcomed. We really appreciate it.

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What is asked is different to what you posted now, earlier client can’t give limit below trigger if it is buy and viceversa for sell, you can check that thread, that is changed now. What you pointed now is from day1.

May I know when kite android app will get new charting library and tools? Its long time now kite web has got updated.

May take few more weeks.

It would be better if kite web also provides both absolute change and percentange change for the watchlist as in the mobile app. Everyone who wishes the same, please accord me by a like or a reply.


Could you guys include following features on Kite Web

  • Renaming Market Watch Watchlist name ( Available in mobile why not in web ) and if possible character count upto to 25
  • Some settings to popup chart by default ( toggle switch in settings )
  • Dark mode

This will be done.


If you rename on app and take cursor on marketwatch it will show name.

Will come soon.

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thanks for the reply but it is not possible to rename on web at the moment only mobile is available will it be available in web version

Won’t be available on web.

@siva , i really don’t know where to post this query , simply posting here ,
I am getting this error , what may be the reason , anything from my side need to be changed? :slightly_smiling_face: i am posting only healthy critics some times!!!

Can you message IP to bhuvan?

@Bhuvan Can you.

I also get this error randomly while logging into tradingqna .

Finally Thanks for zerodha .you are coming out dark mood very soon i expected
@siva i want to know only black available , and dark blue also , in mobile there is dark , dark blue and white mode available , same as web also

Current theme and black.

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How to set this dark mode?

Will be available in coming days.

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@ShubhS9; @siva
I placed a sell limit amo order for my NRML Buy GBPINR position @96.1375 and pair hit 96.48 but my order still not filled why? Can you explain the reason plz? And this is not first time, it happened at least 5 times during 6 months period

Request you to raise a ticket at