Kite 3.0 - beta!


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Hello @nithin/@siva

I have one idea. Why don’t we incorporate margin calculator inside Kite like below which will auto calculate the number of shares we can buy/sell based on available capital to trade for both MIS/CNC in case of equity, MIS/NRML in case of Futures, Also for BO,CO.

Example explained below. (If I have 1 Lakh in my account ready for trading, then you can show the quantity as follows for buying/selling.)- By this problem of Margin calculation every time manually will be avoided and will help us to take a decision quickly. It will help us to save lot of time. We cant keep calculating when we are trading intraday. By the time we take a decision, trade may be finished. Please think over this. This is a practical problem. If you integrate this, this may be the unique feature of zerodha.

Thanks !

Guys , please support this feature if anyone of you want this to be implemented.

Waiting for reply. Possible/Not Possible ?

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Hi @nithin,

Also, please see if you could add a functionality to transfer funds between Equity and Commodity Accounts.
Every time it is getting difficult to get them through Bank Accounts.


It is not possible for now. Check this


Hi @nithin, Waiting for your reply on this functionality.


Thank you so much for the reply.


Hi @nithin , very glad to see the updates.

Is it possible to add notes and alert kind of widgets to market watch which is very usefull for daily traders and investors.

For investors who study lot of charts daily its very usefull to have such notes and alerts widgets.

Thank you,


You can add on charts itself , select Annotation under tools menu.


Good idea, will check on the possibilities/Limitations.


@siva/@nithin ,

By this, we can eliminate orders getting rejected with Insufficient margin as everyone is aware how much they can buy with their budget.


Hi @siva Thank you for the reply, What about alerts?


We are working on something similar, can expect something on this in next two months.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Dear shiva Are you working on showing % change in chart of previous particular day


In our list of thing to do but will take some time though.


thank you awaiting keenly as I have to go to other site chart for this feature


@nithin sir, in BO/CO we have to exit all at once and counter position act as new position(in kite2.0), can we aspect BO/CO orders can be exit partially in kite 3.0?


@siva sir please provide atleast 10 marketwatch in new version. as a nfo trader it would be easy for me to add all stocks at once.


Nitin Bhatia youtube channel subscriber :blush: ?


yes and with an addition to that, jaano aur seekho, sunil minglani, tradinglab, manage trading, marketgurukul.:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: