Kite 3.0 - beta!


@Bhuvanesh, @NithinKamath,

Thanks for correcting Pivot display as per my feedback.

Another observation is that, I am neither able to delete my initially saved Kite3 view nor can save new view (old Kite behaves ok).

When I save new view, it shows that view in list and works also when applied to chart but as soon as I refresh the tab (or pop-out the chart or even open a duplicate/new tab and open Kite3 in that), It always shows me initially saved view only.


We are working on something similar, should be available in coming months.


Try to save it as preference, on popped out charts or default charts preferences will be applied on kite3.


ohh, this is diff from previous Kite, it was saving views without saving pref. its ok anyway, as long as it works.

Thanks @siva,
btw, do you have any workaround for blank pop-ups for 2/4 charts ?


In MARKETWATCH Settings, even if you sort the market watch Alphabetically and SAVE marketwatch, once you move out of that particular marketwatch (Say 2nd column to 3rd column) and you come back to the original one which you sorted and saved - it’s no longer in the sorted order. Anyone notice this? This be considered a bug?


Great work thanks Nithin. One suggestion, can you add index ticker in pop up chart ?.


Noticed this : able to cancel all orders, square off all orders. Nice updates. Thanks


Q Backoffice doesn’t show brokerage/STT/ etc., for a particular stock, instead shows that for the entire selected period. Also, you aren’t able to select anything after april 1 for from date (but if you type, it accepts). That has to be fixed.


@nithin, is it possible if we can have a weekly list of enhancements done on Kite 3.0 Beta, so that we know what are the enhancements done and what are the bugs fixed so that we can test it out live.


Bug: Modifying partially executed order does not show the modified price, rather it shows the first-placed order price.


Hi All,

Kite 3.0 now has Bracket order entry using SL and Cover order using limit. Both very popular feature requests. Do let us know here if you find any issues.

BO with SL

Infy at 990.3, placing a buying bracket order at 990.4 (trigger price) and limit price to be placed when trigger hits as 990.4. Sl and Target as 2 points each.

Orders placed

This release also solves another issue, you can now click on multiple pending open bracket orders and exit it all at one time, instead of having to do it separately like earlier.

CO with limit

How to place a bracket order for a higher price than LTP?
Bracket Orders with Trigger Price In Zerodha 3.0

App description is same for coin and q.


@nithin BO in kite 3 won’t let me select the lot and you’re talking about new features, brother.


Do a ctrl+shift+refresh, force refresh your webpage.


Did everything. And one more crazy thing happened today with kite 2.

Please take a look at it.


And, yeah, Now I get to select the lot on kite 3. Thank you


This is normal behavior, the trailing will happen if LTP moves in your favor, so there will be times when LTP will jump I mean skipping few ticks,so in those cases the trailing will also move by few extra ticks. This can be noticed for futures and rarely for equities when the bid and ask in not tight.


Hey @siva Any possibility of introducing trailing stop in values below 1 on kite? In cases, where the target is 1 or below, trailing stop has no use, right now.


That is not possible.


The chart did not show the % change in a particular old day . for example if we want to see how many % change was there in nifty /any stock on 11th oct . then zerodha chart is not able to give this information to the traders. This must be there, almost the chart of all other brokerage house provide this information. kindly incorporate this feature