Kite 3.0 - beta!


Now the questions are showing but there is “Message Build Error” once you answer the question


Thanks @nithin for Latest Kite3. :+1:

At last we can see some thing happening. Features looks good. But I am unable to login to see those features.

Kite3 Error

After Entering 2FA passwords it is displaying that message.

Speed is the requirement today. more than Kite web platform, back end server needs to be scale up without any hiccup while order flowing when market opens or when during High Volatility.

Add new feature : to Scan Scrips in Watch List with any condition like price up/down by %, RSI above below set limit, EMA 20 etc.

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Great work @nithin
Thanks to all those who involved in the development of kite 3.0.:pray:

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@nithin, as this is a beta version, we can trade on either versions correct?

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Yep, u can login to both versions and trade


Hello @nithin,

New kite is awesome :slight_smile:

Quick questions:
Any timeline on CRUX release?

Is there any email alias if I want to send screenshot of bugs/issue in Kite3?

  • Naveen
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How to login to old kite?


For Kite version 2.0 use this link, and for 3.0 use this link

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Thanks sir.:pray:


You are welcome @umabathy


Looks neat and swift @nithin anna, almost felt like trading there instead PI,is there any way can you get us a ticker/market index display for Nifty 50 on kite which is independent from browser and we can pop that out of dashboard , and even if we change different tabs on browser we can track Nifty 50 easily.something like an independent tab for nifty 50 alone which has OHLC data, so we can pin that where ever we want and please can you get widget for NIfty 50 on android too, i want to add that on my home screen. many have requested it as well (Widget for android),
currently we are using a third party and we don’t like to use third party.
waiting for “Q”


I think so

No offence


@nithin In the night theme, the refresh link and the popout chart link are not visible in the charts, something to do with the color of the icons, it is visible in the day theme.

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@nithin Scanning facility is a good feature to have, but I do not know if you can squeeze it in in this release.

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@nithin The price depth panel in a popout chart should be able to be resized, it is occupying too much space.


The Horizontal lines which divide one study from another eg line between MACD and RSI studies are very faint. They are hard to see. You need to locate them and drag them to resize the study. Now with grid lines and zone lines etc it is very hard to locate them.
You should introduce a way to color them or make them broader by default.
Or you can put in a button to easily drag them.


In 2 chart mode, give option to choose to view charts as
A. one below other
B. Side by side

In 2/4 chart mode

  1. can’t change the symbols by going to “Enter Symbol” search box
  2. can’t add a symbol to compare (like in 1 chart mode)
  3. Can’t buy/sell from directly 2/4 chart window.

@nithin Sir, please replace the white theme with the black one…the white colour is too bright for the traders.
yesterday also i requested to change the white theme of the kite app and kite browser with the black one but @Bhuvanesh deleted my post as if i am spamming this forum!!! hope this post doesn’t get deleted by @Bhuvanesh atleast before @nithin sir reads it.
desperately looking for the black theme for both the web version and the app as well…
thank you.

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@nithin please include another option to show P&L



Zerodha Team , pls remove 20 stock per list and add universal search in chart search . if we want any stock chart other than market watch scrip directly search that stock name and get chart for wanted scrip from chart search menu . All competitor has this option . pls introduce it