Kite 3.0 - beta!


scrips in market watch not appear in 4 charts view


There is already a black theme!!!
See under display tab -> themes
It was wrong of @bhuvanesh to unlist your thread w/o answering.


White is good. Maybe @nithin can introduce custom themes colors & background wallpapers also for some traders :smile:


On the side note I am waiting Mr. @bhuvanesh to unlist this thread also.


@maddy_Des i have checked under the themes…the black theme is only for the chart section and not for the whole screen/display.
so bhuvanesh was not right for deleting my post.
and also note that many other traders have also requested for the black theme. but those were not taken seriously.
if you know how to change the white theme to completely black (like pi), please show me the steps to do so.
thank you.

  1. Provide option to merge indicators. Say, for example, i want to see CCI for 4 different lengths, at present it takes the space of 4 panes. If merge indicators/pane option is available, then i can get a look at those 4 indicators in single pane only. Save space to add other indicators to layout or to see a bigger price chart.

  2. Provide “crosshair”, as default, not as drawing tool.(In display drop-down menu, as radiobutton to turn it ON/OFF)


Orders screen doesn’t show trigger price for BO orders. Please add this.



I m not finding kite 3 useful. Keep it in beta testing for some more months. There are lots errors being reported.


Can check this link.


@siva thank you siva.
this chrome extention looks good… i will try it…
but still would love to have black theme by default (without any third party extentions). hope Nithin sir will do something about it as many of the traders are looking fot it.
thanks anyway.


Multi-charting on web based platform !!! wow Good one :wink:

No pain to drag & resize the chart windows.


Loved most of the new features, especially “Exit all positions” on Positions page and tiny charts on Holdings page.

Is it possible to simplify the fields Available balance, Margins used and Account value of Dashboard page? These fields get complicated when we’ve multiple types of transactions like CNC exit, CNC buy back, MIS with margins, etc. Adding a few more fields to make us understand the values better will also do.

As usual, Zerodha is awesome.


Thank you for the New Kite version, i have spotted 2 things , i hope you will consider the changes , Please look in to the screen shots attached( in side the snap , i have mentioned the issues.)

After a while i came to know that , it is possible to pin any index, is it possible to pop out chart from that


Guys please fill this google form with the details about any issues you spot.

It becomes hard to track everything in one thread. Thank you.


Please change


Unable to enter quantity while placing order.

Also need option to set fixed quantity for quick order


I request to @nithin, that also consider to update kite app with some more features as this app is extremely limited in some necessary features as compared to the web version.


I think its not required as P&L is applicable for holdings only. We have separate screen for that. This widget is only for market watch entries.


could not check these features on desktop but found following problems with web version on Android.

  1. Can we have the sparkline ( Not working in web version on Andriod) not only in holdings but in marketwatch also?
  2. Could not find PIN option in web version on Android. Image attached
  3. Could not find Quick Panel option in web version on Android. few minutes back it was there overlaping the timeframe option (1m, 3m etc) on the chart, not it is gone completely.
  4. 2/4 charts shows no control to change timeframe, studies etc. in web version on Android.(image attached)


My suggestion is, user customization for holdings screen.
For example if I have 10 different stocks in my holdings, then I must be able to mark them as different category such as Long term, Short term. This feature will help user to view P&L of stocks according to their investment plan. Please do implement this feature.It is very useful and much needed one.