Kite 3.0 - beta!


LOL this is like me going to school on Sunday by mistake and wondering why didn’t anyone come to school today.


I am sure it ‘shouldn’t’ be Sunday thou


Can some explain how a Bracket order for nifty can be done with kite 3 . for example- suppose Nifty 50 premium for 10500 is 84 and I want to purchase it at 99 and also with a stop loss of 5 point ?
how can we put new Bracket order in kite 3 ?


Attend live webinar of kite dear


I don’t think so. The unusual candle and volume bar movement is happening since Day 1 but it has not been fixed. I don’t understand why do they roll out unfinished and untested products.


Please help resolve following bugs

  1. The saved views don’t appear in Kite3.
  2. If charts are kept open before 9.15 then it results in abnormal display of ticks when the market open.



Yes Same 2nd Issue In My Kite Also @siva @nithin


Please add " NIFTYSMALLCAP100 " indices on kite-3.0, customer support told me it is not available on kite. @Bhuvanesh @nithin @siva


Multi view charts are still buggy after market opening. You get the complete picture when you see below screenshot.


In addition to above issue, below are the new issues i have observed:

  1. Not able to load saved view on multi chart page
  2. Refreshing the multi chart page resets all my settings (by default opens 1D charts)

Please fix this ASAP, I have been observing these issues almost every day on market open.


Can you check on this now.


Can you check on this now.


Will check on this.


Completely agree. It is still an impending issue since quite sometime now. @nithin @siva pls help fix this issue asap.


Chart showing wrong prices.


Hi everyone,
I have heard many times that there are few instances with Zerodha when people had a problem while trading, particularly with respect to BO, CO. What I need to know is whether the problems faced were with BO only and not CO or Both?


On My Side I Use BO And It’s Working Fine From My End. Having No Issues


NOT right now. I am asking about earlier instances.
There were problems with BO in zerodha for sure. Just wanna know if there were problems with CO as well


@nithin @siva Sir is there any ETA on the graph fix? It’s really horrible to look at the charts currently the CMP ticker and volume bars start to fluctuate.


Few users are facing this, currently you can use kite2.


So is there any ETA for those few users? Or should they use Kite 2 only?