Kite 3.0 - beta!


In next two weeks you can get something exclusively on options.


The thing is not only my suggestions but there are way too many suggestions that need to be looked out for before shifting to 3.0! let 2.0 be in use once and for all the bugs are resolved then u guys can try to phase it out !


Will do the same.


Just look at upstox platform.
Can’t we have anything like that.
It is easy to create a sandboxed webpage with widgets


Or fyers for that matter. Very interactive and easy to use. Do check @siva


Realtime IV and Historical IV can also be added as indicator !


Fyers just subscribed to 3rd party software.
Same is being provided by upstox now named as ‌Dartstock.
They have said that it is free fir 4 months only. But their official handle on trader ji hinted with the wink that post 4 months the charges will be very compatative IF ANY.


kite is also a subscribed… can you check’s interface??? Nothing original but fyers web is far advance and accurate than kite’s interface & in usability…


But fyers web has no pivot point.
Mobile app has just 1 day charts


Ah. Interesting :wink:


Also just like zerodha which has subscribed to , even upstox has subscribed to only. AFAIK.
But the difference is that zerodha devs lagged a lot wrt upstox.
While upstox developed a completely new ecosystem, zerodha initially used the default one available, and then is struggling with the basic upgrades.


Can u see to the margin requirements for the selling purpose? different brokers are providing better margin requirements in case of write/selling options on intraday basis! @nithin


But fyers web is lot more easy to use…u can imstantly get out of ur position with just one click on chart…drawings are very reliable… Multi charts are very useful & more advanced …candle OHLC values do not change like kite…and many more advanced tools & features


Yes. They use for their web platform.
The day they will have pivot points on the chart. And multiple days on app. I will ditch every other broker for them


Candles opening 30-35 seconds late!!!?


Yeah candles are opening 20-25 seconds late. The first 20 seconds price action of current minute is captured in the previous candle. This makes the OHLC values incorrect. Have to refresh every minute to get correct OHLC values.
I have a raised a ticket also. Lets see…


Are there any plans to fix the chart?


I don’t see kite mobile working today…
Data has been froze…


It’s holiday today.
Market are closed.


Lol thanks let’s invest

Jesus christ!