Kite 3.0 - beta!


How you got 2 different accounts opened ?? ! One can have only one account per PAN right ?


It’s my parents. You can open in your spouse, parents or kids name & use it.


This is not possible for now but as a work around one can zoom in/out to see the underlying R/S point.


Pls add NIFTYSMALLCAP100 indices on kite. @siva


Will do.


I’ve mailed them several times regarding this.
And they always believe the problem is from my end.


You have to listen to us on this bro,
the old version of the kite was perfectly fine. Everyone who has used the kite 3.0 is having some problem or other. I request you to not phase out the the kite 2.0.


The problem definitely not from your end as several people are facing the same issue.


What’s just happening?
Popout charts not working in kite 3.0!!!
Also there i a function of revealing chart candle by candle by pressing arrow buttons left and right.
That too is not working :frowning:


Hi ,

I have been encountering this problem from the moment i shifted to Kite 3.

ISSUE 1 : Candle stick bars erratically goes up & down, consequently price in the chrat also goes up & down.Since this happens live i cannot show anything while documenting this. Eventhough i have attached chart of PNB where the RED candle is displaying price as 132.55 & one can see the price in the watchlist as 134.6.This Red candle is moving up& down erratically and screen shot taken in split seconds.Have circled details for better clarity.And when i compare this with other trading platforms, candle sticks moves in a normal way. CHART%20ERROR%201

ISSUE 2 : All volume bars show the same height.Have attached the docs to show the way Volume candle is displayed.CHART%20ERROR%202%20-%20VOLUME%20BARS

I have mailed this issue with relevant docs to support team,but came reply to change the candle stick to normal candle as the team there believes i am using Heiken Hashi candlestick style.I never trade on Heiken Hashi strategy. And regarding Volume bar issue, i am still awaiting reply.

Iam using Q&A platform in hope that my above issue will be understood & resolved correctly.

My support ticket numbers are # 769481 & #540989

Thanks & Brgds


Will get back to you on this and for time-being you can use kite2 only.


Actually shifted to kite3 as there was recent notification to do so.
Anyway will do as said.Hope this matter for kite 3 resolves quickly.



I faced this issue on Kite 2.0.
Candles were drastically going up and Down on last Trading session.


Hope Zerodha resolves this issue.As you said if this issue persists with Kite 2 then its tough time for the traders.


Post has been closed.Can i know Why???


Post was split before closing.
So your original post is available here on original thread.


Hehe…now i learnt that iam not alone…


I’ve the problem with kite 3 that the volume underlay suddenly spikes to highest high and the again gets back to normal every 5 seconds.


We are working on this, till then one can use kite2 charts.


This issue is long overdue which should’ve been solved but I am not sure what’s stopping them to solve this.