Kite 3.0 - beta!


Are indicators propitiatory in nature, that owners of trading platform have to pay to implement them in their platforms?


Yes certain indicators are, but most of them aren’t. Yes some people have license fees to be able to use their indicators. But this isn’t really a popular concept as such.


Changing the position of chart button is the worst decision. I have been deleting scrips from my MarketWatch accidentally. At least ask for confirmation before deleting any scrip.


You keep display name of Ned and still fume over changes?!!!
One cannot have each and every thing custom made for individual.
"At least ask for confirmation before deleting any scrip"
When you are demanding this, many here will oppose this if implemented.


That’s not about personal preference at all. We have been using the old setting for a very long time and we are accustomed to clicking on the ‘second button from the right’ to open charts. Now, what will happen if a sudden change is implemented? I am not opposing the change, but at least they should have positioned the chart button same as before and could have placed the delete button right next to it to the left. Sure everyone will get used to the new environment pretty quick, but the hassle could have been avoided.


@siva thanks for bringing the one click delete button on the scrips.


Yes Thank You For That Feature @siva. Hope Will Do More Improvements In Future.


delete button sud be at total right after more otherwise open graph and hit delete button all time haaha


@siva @nithin
Today I had a bit of puzzling experience.
One of my student put in market order of 1 share of SBIN. And order got pending. Modifying order didn’t work as well. I had to put in new market order and cancel the pending one. I know this can happen but couldn’t explain WHY?
Can you explain why this happens?


At what time market order is placed? is it during pre open? If you can send me the details to, I can check and let you know.


@siva thank you for adding NIFTY SMALL 100 indices. But the current price is showing " Null ". Pls make it live as early as possible.


AMO bracket order possible?


Not possible.




Thanks for implementing few of the most demanded features like change in buttons in market watch, chart slider problem etc.


@siva @nithin
Why is there this absurd restrictions of adding scrips first to market watch before doing anything with it.
No other platform has such mechanism.
In these platforms you can just open any Scrip from charts or anywhere else. It’s quite cumbersome if one need to just scan through multiple scrips.
Is this any cost saving mechanism?


Why logout option is not visible in right corner drp down menu in my microsoft lumia (windows )phone , does small size mobiles not having enough space to show that option? now how can i exit ? ( usually which is at bottom of the pop up menu in desktop web version ) (mostly i work in desktop web versions only , rarely i use kite 3 in mobile , so just now only observed )


Is Kite 3.0 web platform released?


It’s still in beta version.


Hey kite mobile users,
On market off hours,
Do you see the charts data matching with market watch? My market place data shows correct closing of instruments but the chart shows close of 16th Feb… Lol