Kite 3.0 - beta!


an innocent spelling mistake.
But I laughed my guts out.
It sounds so funny


Then one is over tarding. Only 6% of the capital must be risked on any single position.


why do you think just because zerodha is #3 , they are better?

Maruti is no 1 car maker, but if you press the metal on the car, it bends and don’t even talk about safety.

Then there are news channels , that claim they are no 1.

There are many examples like these.

It doesn’t matter if they are no 1.

All this #1, #3 are for marketing purpose only. nothing more.

Zerodha has been in business since 2010 i think. Till today they don’t have a stable trading and ordering system. Why is that? Think about it.


Haha my friend… Relax… It’s just the notifications…


Why are you bith misinterpreting each others comments?
Both are talking same. That BUMBER 3 dont matter.


Well, i m just adding to the conversation. :slight_smile:


Suppose you bought 100 lots of nifty future on zerodha today, @ 11 am…
Now you sold 100 lots of same nifty future on different broker…@ 11.02 am
This sounds illegal


This not illegal.
The circular trading in which you form a cartel to artificially manipulate the prices. That’s investigatable. If proved wrong, then only illegal.


I am going to close my zerodha account next week …Bye bye


@Siva clarify - Ashwani Gujral zerodha client face issue!!! or just WE WE WE.


Well I am not going to close but yes I am going to open other
Till then good bye… Trading questions with no answers :blush:


Zerodha plan to close their business…Switch to other firms…


will zerodha be next Nirav Modi???


WHO can tell?
Satyam’s Raju created a company called Maytas and implemented his fraud.
Nobody could saw at that time Maytas is just reverse of Satyam.
Fooled in plain sight


I’m going to withdraw all money…


Today Mrng also I told Hire good developers and test engineers and update your data servers…


After reading around on a few different forums, the internet outage seems to have affected some other discount brokers. I guess they all use the same Co-Lo.
Are those providers also ‚Äúdiscount service providers‚ÄĚ ?



@siva any of the following in the pipeline to be offered at Zerodha,
a) Trade from chart
b) Reverse position option.


@nithin are u hiding yourself or became dumb…Worst broker in india…I am going to file a complaint against zerodha with SEBI what i faced today in BO order…