Kite 3.0 - beta!


But Manners are universal. Which these Mod morons lack



He has to be angry at someone. I don’t mind. its hard on everyone today since they lost money.


Again you are inputting your opinion…
Why you think if someone is losing?
I am in green


This is all about having better service…
Which is likely not happening


@Tah_Original @trader_dude.

UNderscore ki kasam. Have peace


You my friend… Pop corn kha aur show dekh
Don’t say anything :roll_eyes:


Then highten the emotions, drama, scene, action, suspense dude.
Thoda maja toh aaye!! :slight_smile:


The real question is… Will zerodha contact the guy who is having huge lot size open while zerodha kite doesn’t fly at all? Otherwise how someone risk it…


Not at all.
The agreement that we signed while opening the form clearly states that Z is not liable.
Every other broker is the same in this case.
Your only option is to change your broker.


but what if they have same issues? Where do we go then?


There is no way.
But if you have a backup broker WITH margin, then at least you can take counter position with them and avoid further losses


Still order is open


Now you talking like a real trader.

Now , only if people understood this.


Is that legal?


It’s not that hard.
I have total 4 demat accounts.
2 are life time free w/o any account opening fees.
1 is full service broker with only investments.
1 is Zero.
2 are from mumbai, 1 from gurugram, and this AH from banglore.
So power outage, link cable prob;;em, riots, bandh, internet down.
Nothing will affect you


But who the hell have that much margin.



People who are well funded and think of this as business. may be, i m just guessing here.


Why??? 100%.
Each month CDSL emails me all DEMATS ledger in single pdf.

Hell even I have similar 4 demats in my parents name.


My mum is active trader herself


Exactly… This is absolutely rubbish service
The notification coming for useless stuffs like we are bumber 3 broker in India… We are sorry for inconvenience… What kind of nonsense is that, grow up…

Give notifications on the problem
Update on problem