Kite 3.0 - beta!


Apparently Zerodha sucks and I cant place any orders today.


Can you try now.


R u kidding @siva @nithin …my trading opportunity is gone…and now u want me to gamble so that you get your brokerage…shame on you …you guys are looting us in the name of discount broking…every day you have a problem …if you can’t handle this stop this shit and do something else


Shame on u @nithin stupid broker i have ever seen …I think u got bankruptcy …So u don’t have money to fix these issue…


Hi siva,

It is getting reverted to NRML when I am refreshing the page or opening the session/same link in New tab.
Can you please look into the same, as correctly stated by you, it would last for the complete session in previous version.


Will get this checked.


@siva I found a bug with 4 multiple chart, please take a loot at the screenshot.


@siva Unable to login on kite and pi.
Kite shows message failure and pi says No response from server.

When will it be active?