Kite 3.0 - beta!


@siva new homework for you…


Looks like Kite 3.0 will be in BETA for next 1 year.


Suffered a big loss due to that chart glitch from 2 pm. I’ll be switching to another broker at least to get reliable charts. Not willing to throw away any more of my hard earned money like this.


I also found a issue, when I use 4 multiple chart view on Kite… then some times the charts ticker halts… unless I manually refresh the page.


The 10 scrips limit for chart drawings need to be done away with. This is a hindrance to traders who keep a watch on various stocks, commodities & currencies & draw on charts. Every 11th chart drawing removes the oldest drawing which is annoying. Please look into this @nithin


Yes, because the limit set is 10, anyhow will check with our team on increasing this limit in coming days.


please do. Thanks


@siva what about issue with candlesticks. They sometimes won’t update automatically on loading 4 or 5 scripts.


@siva why you didn’t reply charting issues…Many of theme mentioned your name…

My question can you answer now…U can check now also…

and also one guy posted big loss


Zerodha is too bad.I can’t risk anymore of my money.I will switch the broker sooner than expected.No other brokers have these issues.

What's your opinion on brokers-" Wisdom Capital or Astha"?

Whats the email ID where I need to send my client ID


Whats the email ID where I need to send my client ID
please inform


Can create ticket here and let me know ticket number.


Date noted.


I just logged in i got this message and rejected omg wtf


Very fishy omg trust


charts always lagging…how to trade @siva


What time this order is placed?


I din’t get this, what is happening?


any update for the drawing limit of 10 scrips? @siva