Kite 3.0 - beta!

Why this thing happens daily at market open?
you need to refresh a lot.
And it captures different opening price after each refresh

Hi ron, is chrome well optimised for Mac? Kite doesn’t work on safari, and I am helpless about it. does kite 2 work seamlessly on chrome on Mac? is it worth installing chrome?

I have a suggestion for kite,
We traders compulsory have to deposit money from our bank to our accounts in zerodha’s equity/mcx segments.
Now I have deposited 100k in equity but I don’t want to ‘risk’ 100k, I might just like to have only 20k to be there in my account out of 100k (just because there are cases of trade executions chaos while there are big economic news happening)
Why don’t you create some kind of wallet where we keep that 80k.
We would like to have wallet for keeping our profit separate also…
Withdraw and deposit do least takes a day!
@Srinivas @nithin

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@nithin We would love to have the price alert system on the chart. Another bug is that every time I popout a chart the saved settings disappear.


Dear nitin did you get what I mean.whether it is will be incorporated ; any comment

@nithin I got this happening just now (Kite3 chart), is Nifty Nov Futures really surging this much, or some kind of error at server ?

…observed 5min, and still it continues…

checked other few sites, but those charts and stats are stable

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Kite mobile is clean

Can you refresh the chart and check.

did it few times, then finally restarted browser (which I didnt wanted to avoid opening all those tabs and loging in again…)
its ok now…thnx @siva

Same issue.

Else quite like the update…

Also is there any feature to know whether script is allowed for MIS or not? if not i would love to have that facility.

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The word is SCRIP and not SCRIPT

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Yup kite 2.0 works ok on chrome. Its not as smooth as on windows though. But much better than safari.

oh thanks:+1: … really didn’t know that.

expected official release?

Issues and request

  1. You cannot search for stocks in multichart
  2. No trading from chart option in multichart, please provide atleast Buy/Sell buttons, one click trading like in Pi
  3. in PopUp Chart windows, Market depth takes up too much space, please provide a way to moveable
  4. Provide a way to save a template that will not be deleted with cleaning of browser data
  5. Please provide ATR option in PointNFigure Chart
  6. Provide a way to create straddle/Strangle charts
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dear sir my kite windows is full screen

set it s not seen default how can i set it again

please help me how can set like seen on your screen

Hi Nitin … Kite3 is very good but is it possible to add a BUY or SELL button directly from the charts. It will be great like in PI. Thanks.


Feature request


  1. one click - clear marketwatch
  2. select multple scrips and delete them click delete of scrip from marketwatch (like kite2.0)
    4.option to save some marketwatches under custom name and to load the marketwatch when needed.
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good job Team zerodha .
i’m waiting for "price alert" feature


Also please bring back the options to save the chart image, like it was used to be in the previous Kite versions where you save an image of the chart as jpeg. But the new versions doesn’t have this. So its a bit inconvenience to press Print Screen, crop the snapshot and then save the chart instead of just directly saving it from Kite itself with a button click.