Kite 3.0 - beta!


@nithin please add a tab or button to add 18- word short note. like if i calculated something like qty, price where i can buy a particular share etc show it will be saved in my watch list along with stock. so from anywhere i can see it


@siva Charts are not loading in both Pi and kite!!!


Charts are loading fine from our end, can create ticket here if you are facing any issue.


Charts started loading from 9.18 onwards. The first 3 candles from 9.15 to 9.17 are missing. It doesnt load even after refreshing the chart.

@siva SInce things are working fine from your end, it will be helpful if you can share a screenshot of first 3 candles. I am missing the opening range.


I can see that for banknifty fut, can you able to find for any other scrip? seems like some issue for banknifty fut from exchange itself but not sure though, will check on this, if I am not wrong every platform showing the same. Can see NSE charts for 1st 3 mins


Only banknifty fut chart is having this problem. Even in NSE charts first 3 candles are missing.
Banknifty options and stock futures charts are working fine.
I havent checked in other platforms.


There is this problem with the marketwatch in zerodha (website) which has not been resolved yet :
if you untick the %change in the marketwatch setting, save it and exit the browser, the next time you login
the marketwatch again shows %change.


Will check this.


not updating indices/stock other than sensex and nifty
it only update if we open market watch that contains pinned indices/stock.
this is misleading scenario @siva



Chart does not update automatically in my desktop. I have to refresh it to see latest position. It refreshes automatically in mobile and laptop. I am using latest version of chrome on windows 10. Screenshot attached .


Can you confirm if that stock is added on market watch and date/time setting is IST.


@qna You are the CTO of Zerodha Look into Charts in Opening hours and during the trading hours.
Do You think you have done the best?

I am not gonna mail anything no screenshot nothing. You guys knows better.


Date and time is not IST. I have corrected it now. Let me check in live market. Thanks for your reply.


For me, the adblocker was causing problems when using kite. Try to use incognito mode while using kite and see if you have any issues. ( Adblocker is disabled in incognito mode)


@siva can you check if the pre market rates are correct?


Scrip please.


Reliance is up by .59% on nse website but on kite it is just .06% @siva


One should check open price on market depth as LTP will be changed only after pre open closure on market watch, can check now.


@siva ok,
its matching now,


@siva above problem is not yet solve
and please check following image