Kite 3.0 - beta!


Will check on pin stocks, exchange time can’t be wrong. We just show what is coming via exchange feed.


Hey @siva, one of the most irritating things in Kite 3.0 is:when ever crosshair 's horizontal line touches “studies” tab at top left, its opening up all existing studies. It may be useful if we are using only one chart but its worst when it comes to multi chart (4) because the space there available is already less. Just observe the pics attached. Please disable this Studies tab on left top ( below name of the scrip under study).


Do remove that studies icon from multi charts.
Already it’s a redundancy as studies tab is already there in banner!

What was it’s intended purpose anyway?


@sivasudi @siva
Studies don’t pop out when pointer touches the “studies”.
Actually the horizontal row covering the word makes it to pop out.
The channel shown in image is the problem.


What is this happenign?

Operator price feed showing?


Something horrible going on in kite!!!


Exactly… That’s the critical zone. But once you are there, it further blocks the area below it, on proportion to the no. Of indicators you have on chart. Please raise the issue. It’s really frustrating while using multi chart window.



This was too scary :scream::scream::scream:


This too was shocking today … around 3 pm


I hope anyone not closed their positions at Market price during 3 PM disaster :joy::joy::joy:




OMG :scream::scream::scream:
I didn’t see it because I saw my morning long position in NF @3.25 pm and everything was OK.


Lucky! You didn’t open your computer at 3 pm otherwise your heart would have skipped a few beats looking at nifty price :smiley::smiley:


not solved yet :confused:


Can someone tell me if kite 3 is better than kite 2.0?

why couldn’t they let kite 2.0 run in parallel with kite 3.0 until 3.0 become stable?.

Why Z took on such a huge risk for its customers? @nithin

Lastly, did anyone really benefit from the new features of 3.0 at the cost of losing the stability of kite 2.0?


I believe kite 3 is much stable now, can you let me know the issues you are facing now.


I checked from my end, if Stock should is added on any market watch it is ticking, even after adding you are facing this issue can let me know.


When are you guys going to start streaming OHLC in kite?


This will take more time.


@siva I have added major indices in market watch 1 permanently
I load stocks in market watch 2 to 5,
if I pinned stock/indices quote (excluding nifty & sensex) and move to another market watch (2 to 5) ,it not update
if I enter on market watch 1. It suddenly start updating