Kite 3.0 - beta!


@siva I have added major indices in market watch 1 permanently
I load stocks in market watch 2 to 5,
if I pinned stock/indices quote (excluding nifty & sensex) and move to another market watch (2 to 5) ,it not update
if I enter on market watch 1. It suddenly start updating


if you say this, then everyone here who have issues and are complaining everyday are compulsive lairs.

So, i don’t know what to make of kite 3.0? Is it stable or not?

Someone is lying for sure.


Nobody is lying.
For sure.
You are assuming that kite 2.0 was stable.


If you can jot down the issues you were facing, we can discuss over them.



I m glad i m not trading on kite 3.0.

Looking at the post for past few days is enough to make anyone not trade on kite 3.0.

Because i do not accept of risk of an unstable platform. Hence no trading on kite 3.0.

and Looking at this thread , i m not getting the confidence to trade on kite 3.0.

No doubt you are fixing the issues, but basic issues keep cropping up every now and then. I can live with critical issues every now and then ,but even basic info like price is not reliable.

Now i cant be using kite version specific to me. If there is an issue with kite 3.0 , everyone has it. Many people have jotting down the issues above? I do not resolutions to them.

Is there anyway to know how many issues are listed/ resolved /pending, something like a bug management system, but ‘view only’ for all zerodha traders?

If basic things like quotes and charts are not working reliably , would you trade on that platform?


kite 2.0 had its own issues , but not like kite 3.0. Even basic info is unreliable on kite 3.0. How can one have any confidence to trade?


Within last few days including today,
there were issues with upstox pro & nse now as well.
Eve exchanges like NSE and MCX faced horrible issues lately.
Basically , like every thing else in india -
Adjust karo, sub kuch chalta hai!


@siva @nithin

This is what is happening for a few days now. I have to use upstox chart to trade in kite. See the below image. Even after refreshing it is the same . Please spend some time resolving this and for now tell me what should I do.


Refresh should sort this, if not can write to to get this checked.




Refresh sorted this, but after 9:25… Generally for charts of 3 mins and above refreshing sorts this at 9:16… I don’t know why today it took so long…


@siva when are you getting the stochastic rsi indicator, it’s been almost 2-3 months since we had requested you and still nothing from your side.


@siva any update on the chart drawing limit removal?


We have informed our vendor and been following up, if we could have some something from our end we definitely would have on this.


It may not be possible to increase the existing limit for couple more months.


@siva I have got something in the right hand down corner of my chart. Can you please tell me how to remove it. I have been trying for many days. I don’t know how that has come in the screen.


Go to display—>chart preferences --> untick range selector.


@siva Thank you for the help…


Please see, the closing price of Asian Paint is 1403, while the chart on kite shows 1389. !
Ive also included another chart from another platform to show the discrepancy.
Plz sort it out. Thanks


Hi @siva, Is there any webpage, Varsity or otherwise, that provides information on the parameters used for drawing the Darvas Box (& the Ghost Box) on the Zerodha charts? If there is no such info available online, can we then assume that it strictly follows the parameters set by Nicolas Darvas in his books? (& if so, which one?) Thanks for your time.


disclosed quantity option in CO & BO orders would be a great addition. Please look into it @nithin @siva