Kite 3.0 - beta!


I think TechnicianApp is also good


yes for demat… but trading account is free


Ok, so people here already have demat, they want only trading account. So it’s free right


yes absolutely


What’s the leverage provided by feyers? @RKYADAV


call them and they can tell you exactly…plz


:+1:t2: Thanks :slight_smile:


All support lines closed, Unable to log for more than an hour. Whats going on ?


@nithin Please add a keyboard shortcut for pulling up stock info (similar to charts) as it is really cumbersome to click multiple times to access the stock info.


@siva @nithin please add an option where we can quickly change the timeframe in kite 3 toolbar. Currently we have to click a lot. It should be like this. Please look into it


Will check on this.


@siva suddenly the sorting feature isn’t working. I sort my scrips by exchange but it gets reset on every reload & gets scrambled.


Stock price shows the % change , not for the previous day closed price or to the opening price of the share. Is 8t correct?


% change is with respect to LTP and previous close.


Thank you.


In kite 3 , 4 charts can be opened. The problem is , all the 4 will have the same time frame, no buy/ sell provision, etc. Actually is it there? And i have not noticed it, or there no such provision?


One can set required timeframe and save it as preference for each block. Go to layout to save it as preference.

Available on pop out charts but not on 4 charts.


@siva When I open two charts in two separate tabs with two different settings and I click on the refresh button or switch to another stock, the chart takes the settings of the chart in the other tab. Therefore, I have to clear all the settings and add the indicators again. Is there some way to get rid of this thing?


You can add indicators and save them as preferences, this way all the time the same will load, or can create templates as refresh will load saved preferences.


@siva I can’t pledge my liquidbees shares. Don’t see the icon in q.zerodha. Please look into it