Kite 3.0 - beta!


Can create ticket here.


@siva can’t find the scrip in kite for TECHNO on NSE. The company’s name is techno electric & engineering company.


Can check this, it is suspended for procedural reasons.


Anyone else faced Tradebook related issues ? On friday I took 4 trades but only 3 is showing up… where I got contract notes for all 4. Seriously, now how will I trust Zerodha, if they debiting more brokerage/taxes then there is no way to know, unless I keep track of all the brokerage and tax calculation myself.


@siva searching for a scrip through the chart itself would be great instead of adding it in watchlist first. Others have requested this too. Anything being done about it?


@siva I am also facing issues with sorting of marketwatch like @AtifHussain, @TheRenaissanceKid and others have mentioned before. I think once % or anything else is selected, it should stay like that and update the scrip order automatically when there are any changes.

Currently as soon as one goes to the other section like 2 or 3 from 1, the list order gets reset. If one wants to manually sort the scrips, it is anyways possible by dragging.

When will this get fixed?


This will take time.


This will be sorted soon.


@siva on what grounds are stocks blocked from cover order. I’ve many stocks that are blocked in my screener & I want to know the nearest option which i can tweak so that I only see stocks which are allowed for mis or co?


Hey everyone …please take some time out to sign this petition and share it with other traders you know and who don’t want sebi to impose draconian rules on retail traders

Can you help me out by signing this petition?


The new “Popup chart” option is very good but many a times it stops working for some seconds. The price and the charts don’t get updated and this may be bad for traders if they place orders looking at old prices and charts. Please fix it.
Also, the LHS widget that has market depth, position and orders controls can’t be resized. It takes about 40% of the screen width leaving less space for the RHS widget of charts. Can that LHS widget be made resizable?


Will check on this.



How does one add the midcap / smallcap indices to the market watch?

I’ve tried to add the midcap / smallcap 100 indices but both seem to have a lot of data missing on the charts.

If there is an issue with these indices, is there any other that equivalent alternative that one could try?



any update on straddle and strangle charts with P&F?


Can check


checked , they do not have. Moreover would be good to have them on KITE rather than some third party platform.


Hi @chandra

Could you please let me know what is P&F? Are you talking about the price chart of strangle and straddle as an instrument?

If you are looking for a pay off diagram - we have it. Its free till September 1st, so feel free to check it out.

It is in Beta . But the numbers are perfectly fine. The word test is there because the UI is a little unpolished


Yes its required to have widget for Nifty 50 in Android Kite app by default which can be altered/removed based on users need.
Also Simple price alert shoulb be inbuilt in Kite app which is lagging now by zerodha.
We dont want diffefent app of zerodha for high level price alert.
Simple price alert option should be there.


In zerodha PI software we are not able to save whole workspace other than default workspace.
If we upload any workspace from saved workspace then it removes by default workspace which we dont want to remove.

So please make update for that so that we can save other workspace which can be opened in live session any time and default workspace to be remain as it is.


@nithin @siva
Something shocking happened in the nifty September futures chart today
Price was around 11670 at 9:15 am and all of a sudden it made a low of 11465
This low of 11465 is also showing in the price feed

Was it a technical glitch or did such low actually get formed
I checked nifty spot chart and August futures charts too but no such low was formed in them
Have kept the screen shots of price feed too but they are not getting uploaded here at present