Kite 3.0 - beta!


Yes we need a way to place order just like horizontal line for buy sale order in chart itself in which when candle touches that horizontal line then automatically order placed and can use same for stop loss and targets in horizontal line…
Also just dragging this line then order price level will be changed accordingly.
And our order and trade time will be saved and fast trade will be executed.
Please work on it…
Most usefull tool it is.


In our list of things to do.


Waiting from last 1 year for this thing.


@siva the drawing limit on scrips still hasn’t been done away with. It’s been so long since me & many others last requested it. Why nothing is being done about it?


This is not possible for now.Can’t promise any time line also.


@siva great!. You yourself said it is in the list of things to do & will take some time. And now its not possible? Great service @nithin by putting unnecessary restrictions & then doing nothing to improve them. None of your competitors be it upstox or fyers have this limitation


@siva can you explain , how to add "ATR" indicator on Kite App or Kite desktop version


Open any chart, go to studies and select Average true range as below.


I think Z should just scrap kite and adopt tradingview.

Other brokers are doing it , so it has become a standard now.

Don’t think kite will ever reach the capabilities of trading view.

I assume everyone here wants tradingview.

Something to think about for Nithin.


Thank you @siva it worked on Desktop version , but in Kite app its impossible , only cross hair works!!!


Kite is great simple ez to use ,and there are 98 % novice traders, love kite


This would be awesome !!!



@siva indicators are getting removed & I’m having to add them again & again. Please fix this


Today was very volatile market and no issues ,like makhaan😍


No issues from our end, can create ticket here.


How much longer for the TV charts? That’s going to solve all of my chart problems


3 weeks more.


any way to remove the zerodha watermark here
its not visible in day/night theme but in other colours.


Ya, will appear in customized themes only.