kite 3.0 !! good and bad things

First of all showing the general market index on upper left corner is a plus one. It helps to know overall direction of the market.

For us traders fast execution of orders is important. And this is the reason I am not using kite 3.0
.Before i would click on the exit bar and confirm exit. it was a two click exit from any trade.
Now in kite 3.0 first I have to click on a three dot which shows the exit option in list. so that makes it a 3 times click to exit from a trade. Its not efficient upgrade in terms of order execution.

second in previous kite the profits and losses were shown in green and red. So a big move against me would catch my attention fast if i have multiple open positions.Better visualisation makes the response faster. kite 3.0 has removed this colour presentation . It doesn’t help.

I am sure day traders will definitely face these two issues.

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