Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


Following are the open beta URLs from where you can sign up for the beta program and use the app.



Check it out and let us know here if you spot any bugs. We will put out a user manual soon.



There is no option to come back to kite app as soon as you navigate to Kite > Apps > Coin

Looks v good on first usage

In current kite mobile version i can watch 7 different strike prices at a time without tabbing. In kite 3 i can watch only 5 . Can you adjust it ?

But one can tap on market watch and adjust screen so that one can watch 7 at a time.

This will be fixed in the next build. It will show as a separate app in the recents. For now navigating back will close Coin and bring back Kite.

Need more improvement, (You made it very lengthy to operate as compare to last version)

  1. There is no direct shortcut to open chart. (Poup will come and then there is small button to open chart).
  2. Market depth are not appear in screen, there is no need of 60 days trend)
  3. We opened chart, and click on buy/sell there is no option to go back on chart).
  4. buy/sell screen very lengthy make short option like last one).

You did great work, but i think u put effort on to make it more beauty, not to make short and fast.

Trading from mobile, is already a very lengthy, please make it short and fast like the last version… Direct option for chart, buy/sell, market depth. Hope you will consider.

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  1. Direct Buy/sell Switch would be easy instead of going to option and select buy/sell.

  2. There is too much space in buy/sell window… It would be better to use if its compact and can fit in the screen.

  1. The whole app looks good but there may be some things can be improve like Scrolling Left and right for Watchlist 1 to Watchlist 5, if we can rename it 1 to 5 just like old kite app then it will fit screen and jumping from Watchlist 1 to 5 will be easy.

  2. 60 day trend is in way of market depth… I don’t find 60 day trend useful. It will be better if we can see market depth first and then 60 day trend. Currently I have to scroll up after clicking symbol for market depth. If market depth can be seen on screen that would be even better, because if im watching market depth of one stock I cant see any other stock prices.


In current app, no need to scroll .

See the difference.

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5 vs 7. Atleast give us a option to choose font size.

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I got it but one can move the screen little up, as every time we will be holding mobile, I personally opine it is fine to scroll screen little up.

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  1. Even in current version there is no direct shortcut to open chart, It require 2 clicks.
  2. Will check on this.
  1. This will be addressed.
  2. In current version minimum 4 clicks are required to place an order but now only 3 clicks.

Thanks for feedback.

Dear @siva-reddy First of all thank for replying.

  1. I want to say that, in previous version when we click on scrip. There are 5 option come including chart, buy,sell and we click on them to directly to go on that option.
  2. In previous version by clicking on market depth we are able to see all 5 options too.
  3. In previous version, when we are on charts and we buy/sell from charts there is option to back on charts.
  4. in previous version, buy/sell window fitted to screen, trig prce and lmt price option are very near.
    These options are time saving…
    New version,
  5. when we click on scrip pop up will come with buy/sell and very small chart option.
    Please improve it and make it with market depth fitted to screen with buy, sell, chart option.
    No need of 60 days trend.
  6. Buy/sell window is very conjugated… make it simple and clear like previous version.

@nithin @siva-reddy Unable to add funds using iPad because the “Net Banking” option is not scrollable/visible to perform the task. The app (newer version) is less compact compared to the current version.

Attaching a snap shot…

@nithin @siva-reddy

Finger print login is good.Removes the hassle to provide userid/PIN always.

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After adding amount, just select somewhere out of that number window, it will go down and you can continue with payment, can try this and confirm.

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@siva-reddy Thanks for the prompt response. It’s working fine as per your above instruction.

Dear Nitin
Kite 3. beta Looking great, the apps in fantastic lookin cool and good .
please bring mutual fund liquid fund pledging for FNO trading this will be done means every body love zerodha NO 1 all times forever

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