Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


Working on this, will take couple more months.


why are quotes for so many companies showing incorrect prices today? eg: nestle is 10,091 but in zerodha it is showing 9343


Today, there is mock trading from exchange, can check about mock trading here.


today is mock day means testing day by exchange just ignore it will become normal on mo


@siva @nithin
Firstly, The scrolling of the TV charts in kite3 are not good as IQ charts.
In IQcharts there is crossover button, if we turnoff we can scroll the charts easily from left to right and right to left in any timeframe. But,
In TV charts scrolling and crossover are continously ON. If someone working in 15m timeframe, it is becoming difficult to catch actual candle what he want to check for OHLC data. So please make it more comfortable like IQ Charts.

Secondly, There is discussion in previous review regarding interface of Kite3. Trading through mobile is always sluggish as compare to computer. Even though your kite app did great for trading through mobile. While trading there are some important options are requried; BUY, SELL, CHART and MARKET DEPTH.

As i shared you pics (1)st is actual, current kite3 interface. There is small “VIEW CHART” button only buy sell are highlighted. No market depth properly on screen. BUY, SELL, CHART and MARKET DEPTH these are important tool for trading. So take look at the (2)nd image try to make it like this.


Also, please improve the BUY/SELL window too, its too tight, try to make it simple like previous version. Kite is well known in the market for its speed and simplicity. I think this version is full of beauty packs. Make ergonomically usage and simple. Rest zerodha did again great work.

Hope you will consider these improvement points.


Yes those trend line taking lots of space. No use for weekly option trader like me.


Yes I also think there is no use of that trend line.


I have to enter pincode or fingerprint Every time I close Application. Is this intentional or a bug ?


Will check if we can turn off cross over on TV, but I am not sure on this.

Will check what we can do about this.

Thanks for feedback.



  • Repeat order option is again not there in new app. Preferably multi select orders and do repeat as well similar to how cancel is implemented. Will help until gtc is in place.
  • Fingerprint is great relief.
  • Will test order execute notifications tommorow hopefully they execute and notify properly but again important solve.
  • TV charts integration look great. Buy/sell from chart using cross hair would be ultimate.
  • Setting alerts is not east same as web just too many Fields to fill. For me it just be one field price. Select a scrip and enter value with price and default option crosses over
  • Console integration with profit loss from date is good addition although not working for me.

most important feature for me is repeat order which I have to do daily ( especially when price is hovering near my entry and stop loss) as I am a positional trader and forces me to login to desktop as this option is not available on app hope at least new version of app will support multi select and repeat order.



@siva, unable to login with my pin although it’s the right one, then tried the forgot pin option, this is the error message I got, is it just with me or is it a general login problem, also could you explain what the term identifier in the screenshot means…


It is your login issue, Identifier is pancard, can you check if you are typing correctly, it should be 10 digits but you are giving 9.


This is for additional security. If you do not want this to happen you can just go to the home screen or switch to other apps without closing Kite. Closing or swipe delete from recent apps will ask for PIN/Fingerprint/TouchID/FaceID next time you open.


I suspected it as a security function but I had to ask… No problem, it is a good security feature


Index stocks market watch with screener will be very helpful.


Could anyone tell me how we can use our biometric details to login into kite mobile


In Kite you can goto Account then Settings and you can enable it from there. Of course you will need to have done the setup for biometric already available in your phone. i.e. If you have Fingerprint sensor in your phone you should register it and enable it from security settings of your phone. Otherwise it wont be shown in the settings.


Along with 60 days provide option to view intraday chat as well. There should be time switch button


Provide option of screeners and inbuilt market watches like nifty 50, Nifty 200, commodity , forex etc