Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


Animation are slow


@ajinasokan, could you elaborate, as I went to settings and fingerprint is on, but does it mean you can login in to kite with fingerprint, also where in the settings as I don’t see it under settings, although I user my fingerprint to unlock my phone


1.) Its flash buy and sell window it sucks some times.
2.) If I have two tab charts it stops price reflecting its live price freezes.

1.) No visual buy and sell type of options we are not getting in here like in fyers and upstox.


@nithin @siva

New version of Kite 3 Mobile App is definitely an advanced app for Professional Trading. But please consider the following

  1. Integration of Support Portal/Zerodha support
  2. Intelligent use of space for better User Experience (earlier version was really compact)
  3. Font for “Total P&L” should be as bold as font for “Margin Available” tab. Because day traders usually monitor Position/ Total P&L tab frequently (for better user experience)
  4. 60 days trend should be replaced by intraday trend

Below things just rocks :slight_smile:

  1. A dedicated tab (holder/space) for Position/Total P&L
  2. Integration of Console
  3. Integration of Sentinel Alert
  4. Finger-print Log-In


Dear sir
It is very nice to have kite 3 app. You have included really good features. There are still some features which I would like to have.

  1. GTD orders like sharekhan which are orders valid for month.

  2. Readymade FNO watchlist, Nifty 50 watchlist, Nifty Midcap and Small cap index stocks in readymade watchlist.

  3. One of the new broker is providing intelligent feature. It is very useful feature. There is an option of placing an order for derivatives by keeping trigger on spot prices.
    For eg. Limit order Buy Nifty futures when Nifty spot touches 10900. This would be great feature which is necessity of time and is available with other broker already.

  4. Watchlist limit of 40 x 5 is small, specially for traders who participate in Equity, currency as well as commodity.

  5. Including charts from trading view is really great feature. On trading view website, when we mark some lines and zones, they remain as marked till deleted. In kite, these lines and drawings disappear as soon as chart is closed. Its not possible to save the chart every time as it would be difficult to reload that chart by searching name again. Please give some attention.

  6. It would be really great to have a feature which can provide alert on trendline touches or any line touches.

  7. New feature of order confirmation is really awesome. However it would be really good to have alerts in similar manner with some gentle sound notification.

  8. In trading view, I can change chart just by up or down arrow. It helps in rapid screening of charts. If possible, please include this feature.
    Is it possible to login to Tradingview using zerodha user id password? If that becomes available, it would be helpful as all features are already available on that platform.

  9. It would be good to have share chart feature if possible. W can train others about our method

  10. In iPad, current kite app is good fit to screen. However kite 3 app beta tasting version is not fit to screen. It looks like app is made for iPhone screen and is being used on iPad Pro 12.9 inches. I have specially bought big screen iPad so that charts could be seen in better way. Please make new screen appropriate for iPad 12.9 inches as well.

Will post more feedback if necessary. I hope you would find solutions to these requests.

Thanks and regards


In our list of things to provide.

Will check on the possibility.

Can you name the broker, please. Also this can be done using our Sentinel, check here for more.

We believe at a time manually one can’t monitor anything close to 200 stocks.

After doing any drawing one has to save it as layout.

May not be possible, instead one can use Sentinel to generate price alerts.

Not sure on this but will check with my team.

Even on kite one can use up and down arrows on marketwatch and click c for chart.
One can’t login to TV with Zerodha ID.

Will check on this.

We never released it for ipad yet.


Hi nithin, why kite 3 mobile beta app is not supporting for my KitKat android version and my smartphone is Xaomi Redmi 2 phone.

Please reply


Can you confirm your android version no? if it is less than 5 it is not supported.


Android version no 4.4.4


Ya, it should be 5 and above.


Thanks Siva. This means the zerodha new mobile regular version also does not support for my android version.


Yes,as few features on new app are not recommended to be used on android version lesser than 5.


60 days trend is not really required. Not useful for Intraday at least.


Yes, we’ll alter the design with that.


Can anyone help me login to kite mobile beta with fingerprint, although it is activated in kite settings…


What’s happening when you log out and log back in?


@nithin @siva


My Initial Concerns.

  1. You have to give us a dark mode!! When you mostly conduct trade on a mobile, you constantly and continuously stare at the screen. White light is damaging. A black theme app(from loading screen in the start of the app to logout page of the app everything in black colour) will do less damage.

  2. A. In the apps page it feels more like an advertisement. It should be a list of apps not such big icons. Minimalist list. B. It should be customizable i.e. shortcut to those apps which you use and option to remove app you dont use or an option to remove and add them later. I dont use sentinel and sensibull. There should be an option to remove them and add them back later, if needed.

  3. Reduce the apps page to a minimalist list. Add an inbuilt(not a link in chrome) brokerage or a margin calculater or add them both. That will be MOST useful.

  4. A. When you add stocks to your list there is slight lag. B. When you go from watchlist to order page to portfolio and so on… there is slight lag.

I have a 2mbps int. speed. PLEASE GIVE US A DARK MODE!!



TouchId not working and launch a dedicated iPad app just like older version of kite app.
Positions and holdings seem slow to update


Not possible in this release, will pass this as feedback to my team.

In apps page, go to my apps menu, you can keep what you want and delete what you don’t want.

Not noticed anything as such, only if possible can you record it and send it to me


My use case appears to be different from most posters out here - I use Zerodha primarily for my long term investments based on fundamentals. I do not understand technical analysis, charting options. I do not use FNO or Commodities - All I need is a simple, fast, effective Ux. Here are the opportunities for improvement from my perspective:

  1. App startup time is significant - I see a Zerodha splash screen with a loading bar. My phone is fast enough to load all apps, Kite does take a while to load (possibly because it is loading data in the background? - If so, shouldn’t this be delayed till after PIN/Print authentication?) If I use my app 5-6 times a day, it becomes irritating to wait and repeat the entire process every time.
  2. I always place my order at limit prices but I do not get any intimation (notification pop up) if my trade is executed / cancelled EOD
  3. The 4-5 second Order confirmation screen (with button to close) after hitting buy/sell seems redundant
  4. My chart display requirements are simple - Price line and volume bar - for 1D/5D/1M etc. This strangely is not preconfigured. Further, I do not get the price/volume/ data at crosshairs.
  5. Trend line does not really add a lot of value - I will most likely see the chart with labels instead.
  6. Possibly include indicators for significant events that affect price - bonus/dividend/split etc declaration/ex-dates

Will add to this.