Kite 3 Plugin for auto trading

Sir on live trade on streak I have to manually exit at SL or target am l correct. It only enters the trade.

Today trade rocket not working…What happened…Trades not get executed after notification

Hi @William_Sequeira,

It works on both entry and exit and TP/SL. Only thing it does not do is place SL-M, for the reason explained above post.


There should not be a problem, are you keeping both Kite and Streak tabs open, if you are facing some issues, can you drop me a detailed mail on email.

I would like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback, now TradeRocket has over 2000 users, trading happily trading with full automation for FREE.

I have been working on some new updates(auto square-off based on time and many other things which was asked for earlier), I will releasing it in this month, so stay tuned :slight_smile:
Also do let me know if you have any features you would like to see, you can also DM me or email.
Thank you everyone for the continued support and motivation :pray:

If you haven’t already tried it out, please do and let me know your thoughts :smiley:


Well, well, well!! i hope I have come to the right page.

I plugged in TradeRocket with great expectation, which was belied. Let me tell you about my environment and perhaps you can offer a solution.

I’m using Streak 3, my strategy, live trading, TradeRocket ON and in Amazon Web Server to let me sleep over till 12 noon. TR is ON both in Streak and AWS.

Kite is normally not ON in AWS (I thought I was saving data in AWS).

The result: my trades fire only once in a while, which is also scary because I don’t know why it does at all when it’s normal for it not to fire.

Can you guide please?

AWS doesn’t charge for any data in this manner, please make sure to keep kite and streak both ON.
First log into Kite and then in Streak, test it out with a very small quantity on a scrip of a very small price, till you are comfortable.
Make sure, that when you closing AWS window, you are just disconnecting from it and not putting the machine to sleep or anything like that, which turns it off.

Hope this helps.

Thanks!! WIll follow your steps surely.

But what kind of a host is AWS if I have to keep my system ON all the while? This sounds a bit absurd. Why would I use a hosting environment at all if I have to use my system?

But I think I should move in steps. Tomorrow I’ll not use AWS at all. Let me trade on Streak algo and Trade Rocket only and see if trades take place automatically.

It seems you perceive AWS incorrectly. One thing is AWS PC. You can keep running it 24x7 or turn off any time. Second thing is some programs running in AWS PC like here we run Chrome and keep two tab open in chrome - one for kite and another for streak. Now you can close AWS interface and your pc/laptop too. It is like another pc somewhere which you control through your pc. It will remain in the same state in which you have left it. Hope this is helpful.

What did I perceive incorrectly? Can you please elaborate?

You don’t have to keep your pc on.

That was MY argument. Navin had a different view (that I HAVE TO keep my PC on).

Or perhaps you were talking to Navin?

Who is Navin, Traderocket? He is great person helping others.

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He was talking about AWS system and not your system.

I’m getting more confused. What dies, my PC or my AWS, when I shut down after closing EC2? Will hosting stop?

There is no need to remind me that Navin is a great guy helping others without any kind of transaction.

Hi @Sandip_Chatterjee,
Please give me couple a few days, I will just create a slide with images to clarify your questions if you need.

Meanwhile let me try explain AWS, and other things clearly again, so please clear your mind, relax and read the below points.

  1. PC = This is you personal computer or laptop running in you house on your electricity and internet.
  2. AWS = This is a remote computer running on cloud, (AWS is provided by amazon company). This machine runs in Amazons offices(server farms , in various locations around the world like in Mumbai, Singapore, etc) , has super fast internet, no power outage and many more advantages.

Now what happens in as per this video tutorial the YouTuber, just shows how you can Setup up(or also called hosting) remote AWS machine for FREE using AWS website, so you don’t need to keep your PC running for the plugin to work.

You can by following the video, setup/host a remote computer in AWS, which you can control(turn on, turn off, run chrome or do anything) directly from you PC using SSH client software.

So why do this? This is done because, AWS can run 24x7, with fully strong internet connection, so if you just login to AWS(from your own PC using the software), and then open chrome and then login to Kite and Streak once every morning around 9am, and leave it running on AWS, and just come out of AWS by just closing your PC SSH software(and not by turning off or suspending the AWS machine). Then the plugin will keep running on the browser without any intervention.

You can frequently just open Streak and kite directly in browser on your PC separately to monitor your positions and trades for safety purpose(good habit).

I know your might know most of it already, I just wanted to re-state everything to avoid any gaps, and confusions.
If you have any doubt now, please ask :slight_smile:

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That’s what I have been waiting for Navin.

I had a photo shoot today. Placed all algos in the morning and stepped out and just got back. Not using AWS for now. Kept my desktop on since morning.

While on the road kept monitoring Streak and Kite mobile apps every now and then.

No issues at all today. All orders/trades executed as per algo rules.

My suggestion to all: Make it a habit to keep checking your mobile apps (kite/streak) once in a while to see if all the deployed algos are executed smoothly. It may work 99% of the time. Once in a while there could be exchange issues/connectivity issues. So helps to just monitor it passively.


Sir whether i can use “Trade Rocket plugin” in mobile in efficient manner.
I have find a way to use this Extension in mobile in #Yandex_browser" Or “#Kiwi Browser” on playstore because Crome mobile app not provide extension option in mobile.
And i have use this extension on the above two browser and take Automated trade.
But there is a problem that i want to solved by you and notice you that when my strategy condition met & notification come but the trade excute only when once i refresh the browser. I mean to say this extension work on mobile browser but require once refresh after notification come for trade.
So please Fix this issue and make this extension run suitably automated in mobile browser too same as run in chrome web browser.

I have shared photos from ‘kiwi browser’ for the same.

Does it have to do anything with the permissions these browsers (yandex and kiwi) have on mobile platform? just a thought. Would android OS (or any other mobile OS) allow notifications to be sent from these browsers apps by default and plugins to act on these notifications?

Yes, this a great and absolutely valid suggestion, this applies to whether on PC or AWS, we cannot be 100% sure of technology as there are thousands of layers(like exchange, broker, website, browser,etc).