Kite charts update - Trading from charts, and more

We have just updated the charts on Kite with some really cool features.

Will be of great help if you can check and report any issues here.


Its great! Specially modifying and plotting the order feature would be cool. Market is closed so could not place order. But, I checked and tried to place order it works fine until I drag the the order window. Once I dragged window upward to change price for buy order, it shows error “Limit price should be greater than zero”. Rest will be cleared on Monday.

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At 10.30 pm, I don’t see updated chartIQ library on App. Has it been revoked again?

Check it on laptop or desktop. I can see it on my end.

No. Update has been made available for Kite Web only. Will be available on app soon.

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@siva-reddy @nithin If we place order from the chart window, it will be placed as limit order only? No option for stoploss buy or sell? I can’t see any other option than “CNC” or “MIS”.

When will Zerodha considers to allow BOs? Is Z’dha waiting for specified VIX rates to consider or what?

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@siva-reddy Thanks for bringing back these features.
Please don’t revoke it again.
On the mobile, it is no longer available but please keep it alive for bigger screens.

My chart is horribly hanging since this new update (on Kite Web)

Surprised to see no one else mentioning this issue :upside_down_face:


Do the new features work on Multi Chart Window?


New charting is very much improved… But text size is fixed. Can you please fix that one… For wave marking text size should vary… So please look into this.

Your updated Charts is too good but it’s not shown right now but yesterday & 1 month ago it was shown, not it’s same like old charts and StochasticsRSI has been not shown in old chart, So let me know how I can update my Zerodha trading chart or you will update it automatically ??

I am unable to see new feature on chart and it would be better if the chart trading will look something like FYERS. It does show pop up with order type. CPR is good addition. Thanks . Please let me know whether chart feature has been removed now, because i cant see it.

I like the update. Please add Camarilla pivots points as soon as possible on chartIQ🙂

This update will help us for sure if it really work out. But however not sure whether zerodha really think of its retail client or not. Becoz last few months they are continuously blocking BO order whereas other brokers again already started again with their BO orders. This is how zerodha became no 1 broker in in india and retaining its position or was it a under table deal ?

The update is available for all, you don’t have to do anything. Though new update is available only on Kite Web for now, not on app.

The trade feature is available on top right corner of the chart on ChartIQ.

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New features are worst. Old version best. Plz return to older version. Or atleast give us choice to do so

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My current kiteweb is not fully functional like study/indicator, CPR & trade from chart etc… would you please advise how to get the fully functional kiteweb

Try doing hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R, if this doesn’t solve the issue you can raise ticket at