Kite Features keyboard shortcut

1.Toggle quick trade drawer shortcut key in kite , What is its use?
2.why does the marketwatch shift does not work when you use number on righthand side of the keyboard?

In the pop-out chart, Ctrl + Shift + Z will open a sidebar, which displays market depth, positions, and orders.

To shift between marketwatch you can use Ctrl + Shift + 1 to 5.

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@ShubhS9 is market protection feature available on kite when placing large quantity at market price?

@Shruthi @ShubhS9 Can i rename watchlist which is having 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Yes you can do that Kite mobile.

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Feature request, @siva @nithin

Is it possible to add modify and cancel icon (like M and C button ) just below the open status for the desktop version of kite, because when i have multiple open position in order book it comes tedious to click on dotted button and then select modify…

@Arockiya_Raja can you check and tell?

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I will check this

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When you enable the sticky order window. Order notification also stays with order window and has to be closed manually which i believe is not required, It would be useful to see the price executed and not worry about closing the order notification.

Got your point. Let me check what we can do about this.


It works @Arockiya_Raja .

Thank you


In charts ,
I am unable to see the channel i have drawn after login.

What scenario does my charts channel and lines that i have drawn gets erased?

  1. will it happen if i login different account in the same browser?
    2.clear the history?

Please suggest .

As the drawings are saved in local memory, if you login to different account from same browser or clear the browser cache the drawings will be deleted. This has been explained in detail here.

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Feature request @nithin @Arockiya_Raja


In the order window (kite, browser) we see the total executed order irrespective of completed or rejected. when i use the filter option to see only the completed orders the count would still be the same.

Can you give the executed order count based on the filter.?

This is on our to-do list, will do the changes soon.

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One additional query here - the sticky window only works when you are on the main page of kite - but not on pop-out chart pages/layouts. Can sticky window be enabled on pop-out charts as well please? Thanks in advance.

@Arockiya_Raja @ShubhS9 @nithin

Can you please provide bracket order for intraday?
I understand that you can create this using GTT but this becomes difficult to handle if you forget to close the position same day and it will be carried to next day which increases my risk.

Hi @ShubhS9

We have 7 watch list , I don’t need so many watch list and i would like to delete few , Is this possible?

Nope. It is not possible to delete the watch lists.

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If GTT is triggered but not executed , will the option be executed if the price comes back to LIMIT price , coz i do not have the option to cancel once triggered