Kite features of kite

i want to know kite has following features
a) heat map for holding , indices etc.,
b)can we create dummy portfolios
3chart book for market watch
4big trade facility
5 saving and loadin chart templates
6 brokerage , gann calculators etc.,

Learn everything about Kite here.

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I want to put calendar spreads orders in currency derivatives through kite mobile. But not able to find contracts. Can someone help @zerodhaqa @zerodha

@nithin @siva when we are going to buy stock CNC when entered the quanity buy tab need to show or flash exact amount required box needed in the buy tab please consider

Coming soon :slight_smile: , not just CNC buy, but for kinds of trades. The margin requirement will show considering for the existing open positions as well in case of F&O.


Thanks A lot @nithin

@nithin I too would like to pitch an idea specially for scalpers and intraday traders.

currently while placing trades we have to fill quantity, SL and target every time we initiate new order, and by the time we are done entering all the values in volatile stocks price already moves away from our entry, to avoid this if you guys design a feature which automatically fills our quantity, SL and target according to our system that will be really helpful.

You mean for BO?

Yes. BO is already an algorithm, if it manages to fill in order quantity according to capital allocated for each trade along with filling SL and Target values according to traders RR system, it will make BO even more advanced. And it’ll be helpful for scalpers and intraday traders.

emm, not possible for now but will add to our list of things to do, currently we have handful of other things to offer.

It won’t be this hard to design and implement, will it be?